Crowdfunding since 2010

How Startnext is financed

Startnext is financed through crowdfunding. Since 2010, the company has been free of shareholders and investors and keeps the profits within the company. This allows the Startnext team to work for the common good and focus on creating purpose. Profit maximization for non-corporate shareholders does not play a role.  

Who pays Startnext?

Startnext is financed exclusively by voluntary cost contributions from:

  • Project starters
  • Supporters
  • Cofunding cooperation partners

Contribution from project starters

Costs for your Startnext project only arise when at least the start level has been reached, the financing phase has ended and the money raised is paid out. The costs are deducted from the payout amount before the payout. We issue an invoice for the amount.

In the project interface, we propose a total cost contribution of 10%, which is made up as follows and can be partially adjusted.

Contribution amount intentially set at 10%. Screenshot from project interface.

Contribution for sustainability goals

This contribution will be paid into our SDG funding pot, with which we support projects that are committed to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

  • We suggest 1% on a pro rata basis
  • The amount can be reduced and increased up to 8.5%

Contribution for Startnext

With this we finance the platform technology, our consulting team and the public relations work we do for your project and crowdfunding in general. Startnext cannot exist without this contribution.

  • We suggest 5% on a pro rata basis
  • The amount can be reduced and increased, everything over 5% automatically flows into our SDG fund

Transaction fees for external service providers

Startnext is not a payment service provider. For this reason, we purchase this service from our partners Stripe & PayPal. These costs and all risks are covered by this fixed amount. Included are costs for legitimization of the starters, reversals, research and fraud prevention. We cover these costs if your project is not successful.

  • The transaction fees are currently calculated at a flat rate of 4%
  • The amount cannot be adjusted

The cost contribution and transaction fees are non-refundable after a project has been paid out.

VAT is already included in these contributions.

Contributions from supporters

In the checkout/shopping cart, we suggest a contribution of 5-15%, which is made up as follows and can be adjusted.

Our suggestions:

  • till 99.99€ = 15%
  • til 499,99 = 10%
  • from 500,00€ = 5%

What the money is used for:

  • Up to 10%, the contributions are used for platform operation
  • Contributions above 10% flow into the SDG funding pot
  • The amount can be reduced and increased

VAT is already included in this contribution.

What happens to profits?

If we as a company earn more than we spend on salaries, rents and infrastructure costs, this profit is reinvested or set aside as a reserve.

Examples of reinvestment in recent years:

  • Our own cofunding campaigns such as the Corona relief campaigns with over €500,000 and weekly launch day shows with up to €1,000 per show
  • The initiation of the daily, free and publicly accessible Office Hour & Academy
  • Creating new opportunities and added value for crowdfunding projects, such as the Reward Marketplace

How do we support sustainability?

We have defined the percentage of money from the community that goes directly into our SDG fund. This ensures that Startnext is able to give additional support to projects that need more attention. Contributions to Startnext are capped.

Everything we collect over 5% from project starters and 10% from backers goes directly and transparently into the funding pot. Assuming that Startnext financially stable.

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