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Only if your project is successfully funded, the following fees are incurred. If the project is not successfully funded, you will not have to pay anything.

  • Commission for Startnext: You determine the exact amount you’d like to give to Startnext. Your contribution shows your support for our work and our commitment to the cause. The minimum amount is 1% - on average we get 3%.
  • Transaction fees: As long as money is involved, we need banks and payment service providers - and the fees are unfortunately fixed. The payments are entirely processed by our service provider Finlane and are charged with 4%.

Invoice: The commission and transaction fees are subtracted from your funding sum upon payout and you will receice an invoice from us.

Refunding for successful projects: If you can not realize the project, we can offer you in exceptional cases to reverse the transactions from our service provider Finlane. For this service we charge an additional 4% of the funding sum.

You know how it is: Banks, insurance companies, other platforms - fixed fees and charges are everywhere. Startnext works differently: Our operation is entirely financed by support from our community. We believe in a society in which everyone can decide just how much a service is worth to them. 

Denis Bartelt, CEO and Co-Founder of Startnext

Reasons to support Startnext

  • Startnext gives innovators, creative people and social entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their ideas and projects, raise funds with the support of several people, and build a community. 
  • Your contribution secures our independence and allows us to keep Startnext up and running, both today and in the future. 
  • We work with a team of over ten employees to offer project starters the best possible support. 
  • If the project is not successfully funded, the starter will not have to pay anything. 
  • Startnext is a certified B Corporation - this means we use business as a force for good. 
Wenn Crowdfunding, dann Startnext. Warum? Weil hinter Startnext ein Team von Menschen steckt, die einfach normal menschlich kollegial miteinander umgehen ohne Ellenbogen und diesen Leistungsdruck, der so krank macht. Deshalb gibt es keine festgelegte Provision. Startnext lebt wie Wikipedia von der Großzügigkeit der User. Und die Menschen hinter Startnext glauben daran, dass man mit der Crowd die Welt besser machen kann.

Van Bo Le-Mentzel, Starter u.a. von Karma Chakhs, HartzIV Möbel Buch 
© Foto: Van Bo Le-Mentzel

About Startnext

Startnext is the largest crowdfunding platform for creative and sustainable ideas, projects and startups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Artists, creative people, inventors and social entrepreneurs present their ideas and fund them with the support of many people.

Startnext statistics

37,366,740 € funded by the crowd
4,394 successful projects
755.000 users


Is important to us, so we adhere to these standards:

  • Privacy protection under german law
  • Safe payments with SSL
  • Secure transactions by our trustee secupay AG
  • Verification of the starters under german law

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