You know how it is: Banks, insurance companies, other platforms - fixed fees and charges are everywhere. Startnext works differently: Our operation is entirely financed by support from our community. We believe in a society in which everyone can decide just how much a service is worth to them. 

Denis Bartelt, CEO and founder of Startnext

Fees for starters

There are only fees if your project is successfully financed and you get the collected money paid out.

  • Voluntary commission for Startnext: You determine the amount and show us your appreciation for our work. On average we get 3% from project starters.
  • Transaction fees: As long as money is involved, we need payment service providers and banks. Transaction fees are calculated at 4%
  • Invoice: You will receive an invoice from us for the fees incurred. You can find the invoice in your project interface in the section Supporters in the funding statistics.

Contribution of supporters for the mission of Startnext

Did you know that Startnext is crowd financed? Since 2010 we have been financed by supporting people who believe in our mission. 

With this support you secure our independence and enable us to run the Startnext platform - now and in the future. This is the only way we can continue to bring good ideas to life. Thank you for your support!

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