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1. Draft phase: Preparing the project

The draft phase is where you can structure your project step by step. On the left side of your project page, you’ll find the interface for editing your project. Here you can introduce your project; set the funding goal and timeline; add a pitch video, images, and rewards; write blog posts; and follow your project’s stats. Your draft is not publicly visible, and until the funding phase begins, you will be able to change any or all details. Try it out and start building up your idea!

International campaigns

If you want to address an international audience, you have the option to create your project page in English and/or German. Change the language in the editing interface on your project page and add the text in the language of your choice.

Verify your bank account

In order for you to be able to collect funds, we are legally obligated to verify your identity and account information. The verification process takes between 7 and 14 days; be sure to begin this process as soon as possible if you would like to get started on your project quickly. All information can be found in the interface under "Verification".

  • We can verify individuals as well as the following organizations: sole proprietors, GbR (Germany), associations, UG / GmbH (Germany), foundations, OHG, KG, GmbH & Co. KG, cooperatives, AG, public bodies and registered traders.


Please read our policy info in advance and make sure that your project is a good fit for Startnext. If you have questions for your project advisor, write a message via the interface under 'Contact'.

Innovators and creatives are often faced with the same challenges: promoting their ideas, attracting supporters, and raising the necessary funds. We founded Startnext to help support these innovators.

Denis Bartelt, CEO and founder of Startnext

2. Starting phase: Get feedback

In the starting phase, you will be able to send your friends the link to your project draft so that you can ask for feedback, receive suggestions, and ensure that your presentation is in the best shape possible before you begin the funding phase.

Once you have incorporated the feedback, completed your project page, and met all of the necessary requirements (all mandatory fields have been filled out and your verification has been successful), you can apply to transition into the funding phase. Since we respond to each project request individually, please allow 3 business days to hear back from us.

If you're already very well prepared, you can skip the start-up phase and start directly in the financing phase in consultation with your project advisor.

Plan your funding duration

The ideal timeline for the funding phase of a crowdfunding campaign is between 30 and 45 days. Projects with short funding timelines actually have better chances of success, since they get things moving more quickly. The maximum timeline allowed is 90 days.

Please keep in mind when planning your project that it takes 14 days to receive your funds after completing the funding phase.

Jeden Tag schauen wir uns im Kommunikationsteam die neuen Projekte an und nehmen die Besten in unsere Empfehlungen auf. Diese Projekte featuren wir auch auf unseren Kommunikationskanälen oder auf der Startseite.

Bei der Auswahl achten wir vor allem auf eine prägnante Beschreibung der Idee, eine schöne Projektpräsentation, aussagekräftige Bilder (ohne Grafiken, Texte oder Logos!), ein tolles Pitch-Video und attraktive Dankeschöns.

Anna Theil, Kommunikation Startnext

3. Funding phase: Explain your project and collect funding

In the funding phase anyone is free to support your project. Once your are in the funding phase, you can no longer edit your project presentation: You can only edit the rewards that have not yet been selected or add new rewards. If some aspect of your project description should change, you may communicate this with a project update.

4. Completing the project: All or nothing

Crowdfunding on Startnext works according to the 'all-or-nothing' principle: The starter receives the money only if the funding target is reached; if not, the contributions are returned to the supporters.

After your project has been successfully financed:

  • Confirm your project: We will review the payments of the supporters and send you a message as soon as the money can be paid out. You then confirm through the interface that you will be able to complete your project as described on your project page. At this time, you will also have the option of paying a voluntary commission to help support Startnext.
  • Receive your funding: The money will be paid out 14 days after you have you confirmed your project. It will be paid separately through our payment service provider secupay.
  • Implement your project: Keep your supporters in the loop during the realization process, and give them a peek behind the scenes.
  • Download supporter data and send out rewards: To ensure that all your supporters’ data are up to date and all of their payments will go through, only download the data after the funds have been paid out.

If your project is not funded successfully, your supporters will receive their money back. You will not be responsible for any costs and you will not be obligated to send out the rewards. Post a message on your blog thanking your supporters and fans and assess their feedback. You can, of course, start a new project at any time.

About Startnext

Startnext is the largest crowdfunding platform for creative and sustainable ideas, projects and startups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Artists, creative people, inventors and social entrepreneurs present their ideas and fund them with the support of many people.

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