What suits us?

Startnext is a crowdfunding community for entrepreneurs, inventors and creative people who are at least 18 years old.

  • Creativity
    We support ideas and projects that creatively promote social progress and culture
  • Sustainability
    We believe in sustainable acting
  • Transparency
    We stand for seeing and being seen
    All starters will be displayed on the project page with first and last name and personal photo
    A project can no longer be deleted once the project has been supported
    We check the identity and account data of all starters

    In the projects, all successful supports are transparently visualized

  • Openness
    We support equal rights, tolerance and democracy
    Contents may not violate German law, infringe copyrights, be racist, obscene or offensive to personality
  • Clarity
    we are as concrete, clear and honest as possible and we want the same from the Startnext community
  • Affiliation

    We create relationships between ideas and supporters

  • Joy of communication
    We love to communicate by including the Startnext logo
  • Our categories
    Agriculture, art, audio book, comic, community, design, drugstore, education, environment, event, fashion, food, games, invention, journalism, literature, film/video, photography, music, science, sport, social business, technology, theater. 
  • Starters with residence in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and South Tyrol
  • Private individuals, associations, foundations, organisations, companies

What doesn`t suit us?

  • fund studies, training, private events or travel, private property, election campaigns, political party funding or similar are not allowed to be funded
  • lotteries, investment opportunities or company shares may not be offered as a reward
  • Financing of weapons and/or drugs classified as illegal by the legislator or similar.
  • Spam messages
    Talking about your project on different channels is important, but please do not send spam messages.
  • Insults
    Do not post any content that is racist, obscene or offensive to your personality. If you do not like a project, do not support it.

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