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Crowdfunding for ideas, projects and startups

Startnext is a platform for campaigns for entrepreneurs, inventors and creative people. Your idea should fit in one of our following categories:

  • Agriculture, art, audio book, comic, community, design, drugstore, education, environment, event, fashion, food, games, invention, journalism, literature, film/video, photography, music, science, sport, social business, technology, theater. 
  • A campaign always has a clear goal and something new needs to be created.

Some examples of what can not be funded:

  • Startnext cannot be used to fund studies, training, private events or travel, private property, election campaigns, political party funding or similar.
  • As reward for your supporters you can not offer lotteries, investment opportunities or company shares.

Who can start a project?

  • Individuals, companies, associations, foundations or other organizations can use Startnext to fund their projects.
  • Currently, projects can only be initiated by persons residing in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium and South Tyrol.
  • Starters should be at least 18 years old. If you are under 18, it is possible for you to start a project together with a legal representative after consulting with us.

What else is there to keep in mind?

  • Starter verification: We are legally obliged to verify your identity in order for you to be able to collect money.
  • Use your real name: Each starter is shown with his or her real name and a personal photo on the project page.
  • Documentation of projects: For adequate documentation and transparency purposes, once a supporter has financially supported a project, the project can no longer be deleted from the Startnext platform.
  • Copyright: The contents of your project can not violate German law, be racist, obscene, or offensive. Projects containing copyright violation will be removed from the platform immediately. So please check up on all relevant legal issues beforehand.
  • Pitch video: Each starter presents himself and his project personally in the form of a pitch video.
  • Startnext logo: As a project starter, you can show your campaign's success by printing our Startnext logo on your rewards or the finished product (e.g. on the CD, the book) and adding "Crowdfunded with Startnext".

Community guidelines

  • Spread your idea but don't spam: Don’t promote a project on another project’s sites. Comments of this type will be erased by us. Sharing your project with your friends, fans and followers is important, but don’t send out masse emails to users you don’t know or supporters from other projects.
  • Be respectful: Please refrain from insults of any kind and do not post content that is obscene, racist or offensive. Comments of this nature will be deleted immediately.If you don’t like a project, then don’t support it. But don’t post insults or disrespectful comments on that project’s wall.

We reserve the right to block or delete your profile, if you breach any of these guidelines.

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