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What we do

Innovators and creatives are often faced with the same challenges: promoting their ideas, attracting supporters, and raising the necessary funds. We founded Startnext in 2010 as Germany’s first crowdfunding platform to help support these innovators. Startnext gives inventors, creative people, social entrepreneurs and makers the opportunity to present their ideas and projects, raise funds with the support of several people, and build a community.

Startnext is now the largest crowdfunding community for creative and sustainable projects and startups in the German-speaking countries. With our team we work every day to bring new ideas to life and continue developing Startnext with the help of our rapidly growing community.

    Unser Ziel ist es in Zukunft einen Großteil der Gründungsfinanzierung für Kreative, Erfinder und Social Entrepreneurs über Startnext zu ermöglichen, um damit mehr Sichtbarkeit für die Ideen, Unabhängigkeit für die Initiatoren und finanzielle Sicherheit durch den frühen Markttest zu schaffen.

    Denis Bartelt, CEO and co-founder of Startnext

    What we believe in

    • Creativity: We believe that social progress emanates from creativity and innovation, and we actively motivate starters to realize their ideas.
    • Sustainability: We strive to shape social change, and to that end we are committed to sustainable ideas, social enterprises, and social innovation.
    • Crowd-powered: Together, we can move mountains! Startnext is a social network, a laboratory, an incubator, and a search engine for exciting new ideas all in one.
    • Transparency and openness: With Startnext, anyone is free to start a project, and anyone can participate.
    Crowdfunding ist für mich der logische nächste Schritt von Social Media, da wir durch die wachsende digitale Vernetzung nicht nur Ideen schnell und kostengünstig mit vielen Menschen teilen können, sondern auch direkt finanzieren können. Wir demokratisieren damit den Zugriff auf und die Verteilung von Kapital.

    Tino Kressner, co-founder of Startnext

    How crowdfunding works

    The idea behind crowdfunding is simple: Several people come together to finance an idea, project, or company. Starters introduce their ideas through short videos, images, and text; set a funding goal and timeline for the campaign; and decide on rewards for their projects’ supporters. Anyone who wants to see an idea become a reality can support a project. Supporters can choose from a number of rewards, such as the finished product or support the project with a free amount. 

    Crowdfunding on Startnext works according to the "all-or-nothing" principle: The starter receives the money only if the funding target is reached; if not, the contributions are returned to the supporters. Startnext is financed through voluntary commissions: After a successful campaign, starters are free to decide for themselves if they would like to support Startnext, and how much they would like to contribute.

    About Startnext

    Startnext is the largest crowdfunding platform for creative and sustainable ideas, projects and startups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Artists, creative people, inventors and social entrepreneurs present their ideas and fund them with the support of many people.

    Startnext statistics

    39,343,901 € funded by the crowd
    4,565 successful projects
    780.000 users


    Is important to us, so we adhere to these standards:

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    • Safe payments with SSL
    • Secure transactions by our trustee secupay AG
    • Verification of the starters under german law

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