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Denis Bartelt
Denis Bartelt CEO & Founder

Denis founded Startnext in 2010 and is in charge for our strategic planning. He set up his first company, the software agency tyclipso.net, in 2003 in Dresden. Denis is an autodidact, entrepreneur and trained commercial photographer.

Tino Kreßner
Tino Kreßner Founder

Tino is the co-founder of Startnext. Along with Denis he also initiated Finlane (former Startnext Network) in 2012 and serves as its CEO. While studying Media Technology and Communication Sciences, Tino started his own media agency and produced films.

Ricarda Schlegel
Ricarda Schlegel Management Assistant

Ricarda holds everything together and is responsible for organizing our events. She studied Cultural Work and Arts Management and co-founded the non-profit organization Kultür Potsdam.

Shai Hoffmann
Shai Hoffmann Project advising

Shai has successfully funded a number of crowdfunding projects on Startnext, i.a. the Karma Classics. At Startnext, he is responsible for the project advising and shares his knowledge in webinars, talks and workshop. He also studied business economics.

Melika Gewehr
Melika Gewehr Community management

Melika answers all questions from the community online, in the consultation hours and at all kinds of events. She studied political science in Hamburg and is now a documentary film student at filmArche in Berlin.

Anna Theil
Anna Theil Head of communication

Anna joined Startnext in 2010 and is responsible for communication. Previously she worked at DOK Leipzig, the International Festival for Documentary and Animated Film. Anna studied Communication Sciences and Media Studies.

Jasmin Schreiber
Jasmin Schreiber Head of story

Jasmin is the brain behind our social media channels, providing you with information about our most inspiring projects. Originally a biologist, she also works as a journalist and lives out her artistic streak with illustration, design and photography.

Jana Meyer
Jana Meyer Online communication

Jana is our student assistance in all online communication matters and feeds our social media with news about projects and events. She's also on the look-out for a topic for her bachelor thesis in technical journalism and PR.

Markus Sauerhammer
Markus Sauerhammer Head of Cooperation

Markus is the go-to for all things related to partnering with Startnext. He once worked as a farmer and served as a start-up consultant at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Markus studied Marketing and Management and holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Markus Streichardt
Markus Streichardt Cooperations

Markus takes care of the project support and realization of our cooperations. Before joining Startnext, Markus has worked at Suhrkamp Verlag. He studied Culture and Technology, as well as Publishing Studies.

Kerstin Eisenhut
Kerstin Eisenhut Innovation manager cofunding

Together with our partners, Kerstin designs new products to combine crowdfunding and traditional financing. She holds degrees in business administration and urban planning. Before Startnext, Kerstin gained experience in the financial sector.

Cloed Baumgartner
Cloed Baumgartner Ambassador Austria

Cloed is our ambassador in Austria and the contact for project starters and partners there. She works as an innovation manager and serial entrepreneur, and is the founder of an upcycling fashion label and an international fashion fair.

Chloé Schreiber
Chloé Schreiber Head of snacks & fluff

As head of snacks, Chloe is responsible for the analysis and control of all eating activities in the team. She is furthermore in charge of the surveillance of our doorbell and its defense against the mail carrier.

About Startnext

Startnext is the largest crowdfunding platform for ideas, projects and startups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Entrepreneurs, inventors and creative people present their ideas and fund them with the support of many people.

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50,742,351 € funded by the crowd
5,666 successful projects
900.000 users


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