Trust as a basis

Startnext was created to build a community that promotes and implements bold ideas. Everyone has the chance to get started with an idea! Since the foundation of Startnext, trust has been a fundamental value in which every team member is allowed to participate. 

The self-image of Startnext

  • Everyone can dare
  • Startnext as a company lives the attempt to overcome systemic boundaries
  • The company has been financed for 10 years by voluntary supports of the starters and supporters.
  • This allows Startnext employees to move more freely and stay away from gatekeeping.

The responsibility for the projects themselves lies with the starters.

All Startnext projects are heart projects of people who are burning for their idea. However, the implementation of new ideas is not always easy, so it can happen that not everything goes as planned. For example can ther be delays in the realization of rewards. That is why it is important that communication on the platform is open, transparent, honest and responsible.

With Startnext, we want to create an open and transparent platform where each and everyone can start their project and participate. Trust and communication are fundamental in our work.

Denis Bartelt, CEO and co-founder Startnext