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Auroville's Children - Documentary
They are back. In Auroville. A utopian city in the south of India, which has no compulsory education, no police, political parties and religion. This is the place where they were born. And it’s the place where they want to live. Why did they choose to come back? Is life in Auroville still as exemplary as it was during their childhood? A film about search and home. And the dream of a better world.
11,609 €
9,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
 Auroville's Children - Documentary
 Auroville's Children - Documentary
 Auroville's Children - Documentary
 Auroville's Children - Documentary


Funding period 1/26/16 3:47 PM o'clock - 2/29/16 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period End of 2016
Funding goal 9,000 €
Category Movie / Video
City Leipzig
What is this project all about?

A man quits his job as a consultant and teaches school kids how to recycle waste.

A woman leaves behind her well-organized and sophisticated life in Paris to take care of neglected racehorses in India.

A man decides against a well-paid job in Switzerland, because he finds his passion in the search for the perfect surfboard.

These are the stories of Ribhu, Divya and Nico. Three young adults, born and raised in Auroville, a utopian city in the southeast of India, where people try to live without politics, religion and money.

The parents of Divya, Ribhu and Nico came to Auroville out of idealistic reasons. For them the place always was a huge, adventurous playground. After school, they left Auroville and lived in Europe for quite a few years. Now they’re back.

But their decision of leaving the prosperity of the “western world“ behind has consequences: Living conditions in India are hard, the climate is tropically hot, there is neither unemployment nor pension fund, no specific job perspective and the next hospital is one hour away.

What makes Auroville so special then, that the returnees would shoulder all these stresses and strains? What reasons do they have to live in Auroville? Is life there still as utopian as it was during their childhood?

A film about the courage it takes to swim against the current. A story about search and home - and the dream of a better world.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We want to tell the stories of Divya, Ribhu and Nico in an authentic, close and soulful way. We would like to create a film that makes you think and long for: a life without pressure to perform, the possibility to try out something completely new and the feeling of not being dependent on financial constraints or social expectations.

Our film addresses dreamers, do-gooders, searchers, hippies, fans of India, travellers, fighters, doubters, critics, lovers of visual aesthetics, students, moms, dads, grand moms, grand dads, horse lovers, surfers, teachers, motorcyclists… and all others who fancy documentary films which are produced independently and with love and commitment!

Why would you support this project?

1. Because you want to know how the story of Divya, Ribhu and Nico continues.

2. Because we could make you curious about Auroville: How on earth does it work, a city without politics, religion and money?

3. Because secretly, you are dreaming of quitting your job as a tax accountant to travel around the world with a mobile home or work as a self-supporter on an ecological farm.

4. Because you’re suffering from wanderlust.

5. Because you’re in love with India.

6. Because you appreciate independently produced documentaries of high quality.

7. Because you want to support two young, enthusiastic filmmakers, who: worked on scripts and exposés days and nights, worried about visas and filming permits just shortly until the shooting started, dissolved all their saving accounts to finance the film and, finally: drove their camera equipment weighing 20 kilos through the Indian jungle on a rusty motorbike for five weeks, to be able to immerge into the life of the protagonists and to capture the nicest pictures of Auroville.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

We have paid the travel costs, filming permits, journalist visas, technique and the shooting entirely by ourselves. For the postproduction and the publishing of our “baby” we need your support! With your donations, we will finance the editing, the sound, the colour corrections and the film music; the printing of flyers, posters and the burning of DVDs. On top, we will use the money for renting cinemas and pay the fees of film festivals so that we can show the film to a broader audience. Our workforce is not included in the donations!

Who are the people behind the project?

We are:

Nora Grosse Harmann (director, producer)
28 years old, born in Muenster, freelance journalist and author for film, television and radio. Lives in Leipzig. Did her traineeship at the German public broadcaster “Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk” (MDR). Studied Asian Anthropology. Latest projects: “Sehnsucht nach Auroville”, “Beziehungsjunkies” (radio reportages), “Mein Gott, ich bin homosexuell!” (documentary for MDR television). Loves vegan, Indian cuisine, coffee from the coffee roaster right next door, philosophizing and dancing to music from Cuba, Brazil and West Africa.

Christoph Bockisch (cameraman, producer)
27 years old, born in Halle an der Saale, freelance cameraman. Studied camera in Darmstadt, learned to work as a media designer for sound and vision at the German public broadcaster MDR. Latest films: “Hinter dem Meer”, “Paradies – irgendwo in Brandenburg” (feature films), “Baltic Mohawks”, “Jerusalem INK” (documentaries). Loves photography, foreign cultures, nice atmospheres created by evening light and dancing to Brazilian music.

Benedikt Schulla (editor)
27 years old, born and raised in Aschaffenburg. Freelance author, cameraman and cutter for documentary and feature films. Studies “Digital Media” at the Hochschule Darmstadt. Learned to work as an industrial management assistant before switching to moving pictures. Recent films: “Paradies – irgendwo in Brandenburg” (feature film), “Haben oder Sein”, “The Road – Tears of a Widow” (documentaries), “Das große Glück, man selbst zu sein” (short film). Loves cooking, too much sugar in the coffee and hiking.

Gowryrahm Mohan (sound, music)
25 years old, born in the small town of Hückeswagen, origin: Jaffna/ Sri Lanka. Studies “Digital Media” with a focus on sound at the Hochschule Darmstadt. Latest projects: “Lev”, “Nina”, “Alles renkt sich wieder ein” (short films). Loves music from the north of Asia, gaming with family and friends and British teatime culture.

Julia Baier (colorgrading)
22 years old, freelance photographer, studies Digital Media in Darmstadt. Fell in love with photography and colours six years ago. Likes beer and collecting memories. Finds her inspiration in nature – especially in the mountains.

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