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From 26 June to 26 September, 2021, the non-profit organisation tinyBE will host an extraordinary sculpture exhibition in Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Wiesbaden. The tinyBE #1 art project invites visitors to try out a visionary and experimental form of living and working. We still need €10,000 to realise »The House of Dust« artwork by Alison Knowles in front of the Museum Wiesbaden. We require an additional €10,000 to reach our second goal - enabling the artist to fully furnish the sculpture.
14,013 €
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About this project

Funding period 12/22/20 1:53 PM - 3/15/21 11:59 PM
Realisation 26 June - 26 September 2021
Start level 10,000 €
Category Art
City Wiesbaden

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What is this project all about?

tinyBE is presenting nine temporary habitable sculptures by well-known international artists in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main metropolitan area. The special feature of these works of art is that guests can stay there at night and test the artistic concept.

Our goal is to place a habitable sculpture by Alison Knowles, the archetypal pioneer of the Fluxus movement, produced via a new 3D printing process, in front of the Museum Wiesbaden. Fluxus was an international, interdisciplinary community of artists, composers, designers and poets during the 1960s and 1970s who engaged in experimental art performances which emphasized the artistic process over the finished product. For tinyBE, the American artist will present her poetic project »The House of Dust« in a new context: her ground-breaking work, produced in 1967 using a Siemens 4004 computer, is considered to be one of the first computer-generated poems based on a controlled algorithm developed by the artist. She is now translating the poem for the tinyBE exhibition into an architectural form, again addressing the current relationship between humans and machine.

»The House of Dust« is a habitable form of art in a public space that will be exhibited from June to September 2021. Alison Knowles' first large-scale public sculpture in decades offers an experimental and contemporary Fluxus experience. Visitors will participate in an historic installation that will be prominently placed and experienced in front of the entrance of the Museum Wiesbaden, world-renowned for hosting the international art performances of the Fluxus movement in 1962.

The temporary habitability of all the tinyBE sculptures by CALEB DUARTE & MIA EVE ROLLOW, ONUR GÖKMEN, CHRISTIAN JANKOWSKI, TERENCE KOH, MY-CO-X, THOMAS SCHÜTTE, STERLING RUBY, LAURE PROUVOST and ALISON KNOWLES facilitates a fusion between art and life. Physical sensations, surprising encounters and new perspectives will provide a unique art experience in an extraordinary ambiance. Admission to our sculpture park will be free for all visitors!

tinyBE still needs €10,000 to realise »The House of Dust« artwork by Alison Knowles in front of the Museum Wiesbaden.

We require an additional €10,000 to reach our second goal - enabling the artist to fully furnish the sculpture as a place to stay – so a total of €20,000.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

With tinyBE we aim to facilitate an interdisciplinary dialogue at the interface of the fine arts, architecture, design and science. The temporary habitability of the sculptures offers a new way of looking at art and life. Anyone can stay in the works of art and try out the artistic concepts, even at night. Booking reservations for overnight stays in the sculptures can be made directly via [email protected]

tinyBE is not only an exhibition and a gamechanger, it is also a place for networking and discussion. Comprising a wide range of workshops, performances and debates, our tinyMONDAYS event series aims to create an intellectual space for a cross-generational dialogue about meaningful life and visions for the future. tinyMONDAYS foster debate on topics such as the sustainability of alternative forms of living and places of habitation around the most pertinent questions of our times: What type of places do we need to live and work? How do we want to live together as a society and what is possible? What do we need for a fulfilling and sustainable life?

So, it is not only those interested in art who will get value for their money. The overnight stays, events and debate create a forum for an unforgettable experience for all those interested in architecture, the fine arts, design, science, real estate, sustainability, and more.

Why would you support this project?

Funding the oversized 7 (W) x 4 (D) x 4 (H) m 3D-printed sculpture by Alison Knowles is a major challenge for us. We urgently need supporters who would like to contribute to the realisation of this artwork.

The artist wants to use sustainable building materials, and the production process using clay is very complex and costly and can only be realised by two construction companies in Europe specialised in 3D-printing and which have already printed houses using this technology. In addition, as a result of Covid-19, we face ever-increasing costs for hygiene measures, technology and production.

Should you wish to support us with a financial contribution, we will be able to produce Knowles’ »The House of Dust« artwork, enabling you and everyone else to experience it from June to September.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

»The House of Dust« artwork is being made possible by people like you! We already have the support of numerous public and private supporters, for example, we have succeeded in winning over Frankfurt's head of culture Dr. Ina Hartwig as a patron and we have received funding from the Frankfurt RheinMain Kulturfonds (Culture Fund), the City of Wiesbaden, the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art, and others. The renowned architectural firm Zaeske und Partner is working pro bono for Alison Knowles, but unfortunately, that is still not enough to also produce the sculpture in Wiesbaden with the use of 3D printing. tinyBE is formally recognised as a non-profit organisation and we do not aim to make a profit from the project. All the money we raise from this crowdfunding campaign will be spent on the production of Alison Knowles’ artwork.

Who are the people behind the project?

tinyBE is a non-profit GmbH. We are a team of about eight employees, across all age groups, professions and fields of study. In addition to ourselves, numerous volunteers are contributing a lot of their free time to create the tinyBE project. Our initiator Cornelia Saalfrank founded the project in 2017, and it has grown steadily since then - just like our team. In addition, more than 50 volunteers will help ensure the exhibition runs smoothly.

We wish to thank Zaeske Architekten, WASP, Claytec, Karrié and Fluxeum Wiesbaden for their great support with »The House of Dust«.

Would you like to learn more about tinyBE? Visit our website and our social media channels:


  • Dr. Ina Hartwig, Head of the Department of Culture of the City of Frankfurt am Main


  • Prof. Dr. Wulf Herzogenrath, Curator
  • Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Mennekes, Curator
  • Ursula Müller, Head of Architecture Collection of the Berlin Gallery
  • Prof. Mathias Wagner K, Director Museum of Applied Art, Frankfurt
  • Corinna Wolfien, Owner Books / Communication / Art

Advisory board:

  • Philip Engelbrecht, Architect
  • Peter Hoenisch, (ex) Sony and RTL Communications Director
  • Dr. Matthias Jaletzke, Lawyer
  • Barbara Knoflach, Co-Founder, (ex) Global CEO BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment Management
  • Rainer Neumann, (ex) Chairman of the Board Schufa Holding AG
  • Ulrike Petzold, Board executive DAKU Cultural Development Associations
  • Dr. Sven Sappelt, Founder and Managing Director CLB Berlin


  • Cornelia Saalfrank, Founder and Curator
  • Katrin Lewinsky, Co-curator
  • Celena Ohmer, Curatorial and Project Assistant
  • Josefine Rauch, Project Assistant, PR and Communication
  • Wolfgang Wershoven, Project Management and Finance
  • Friedhelm Dorndorf, Architect
  • Nicole Kreckel, Art Education
  • Dr. Nader Maleki, Maleki Corporate Group, Events
  • Martin Rendel, MCRM, Co-Organiser
  • Michael Stein, Palast Promotion, Technical and Organisational Exhibition Coordination


  • 1: Modell »The House of Dust«
  • 2: 3D printed house with crane 3D printer, © WASP c/o CSP s.r.l
  • 3: »The House of Dust« (1970), Cal Arts, Valencia, California
  • 4: »The House of Dust« (1970), Cal Arts, Valencia, California
  • 5: Alison Knowles work in progress »The House of Dust«, Foto: Clara Joy

  • Voiceover :
  • Coordination: Judi Seebus
  • Voiceover Cornelia Saalfrank: Dheera Sujan
  • Voiceover Dr. Andreas Henning: Chris Chambers

Camera Pitch Video:

  • Thomas Piechowski

Project updates

2/8/21 - tinyBE #1 Neue Ausstellungsdaten: 26. Juni...

tinyBE #1
Neue Ausstellungsdaten: 26. Juni - 26. September 2021
New Dates: 26. June - 26. September, 2021

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