What would you say IF we tell you that ALL roads lead to the Community of Poşaga? Or IF we state that one person, in search of their inner self, can find some vital Life-answers after a brief stay in our Community? As strange as it might sound, Poşaga delivers an element that started to disappear from the day to day modern Life: Pure Nature. In this pristine environment, we will - with your help - build an Eco-friendly, agro-touristic guesthouse, so that we can share this experience with others!
4,630 €
10,000 € 2nd funding goal
Project successful
 După Gard - the Eco-Retreat in Transylvania
 După Gard - the Eco-Retreat in Transylvania
 După Gard - the Eco-Retreat in Transylvania
 După Gard - the Eco-Retreat in Transylvania


Funding period 3/17/17 3:36 PM o'clock - 4/23/17 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period Spring/Summer 2017
Funding goal 1,000 €
2nd funding goal 10,000 €
Category Community
City Poșaga

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Wir ziehen um! Nachdem wir diese Kampagne erfolgreich beendet haben, geht es nun hier weiter: Dupa Gard: Wilder als Urlaub

Wir hoffen dass alle Fans uns dorthin folgen, und wir mit eurer HILFE auch dieses zweite Kampagnenziel gemeinsam erreichen werden!

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Andreas Pohl
Von-Römer-Str 14
95444 Bayreuth Deutschland


JJ Films and Culture - NGO support from Romania

Since 2010,the Romanian NGO JJ Films & Culture has been focusing mostly on Posaga Community. It managed to put together a visual monograph on the Community's traditional life, and to organise workshops in the biodiversity and nature field.

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