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Together with the crowd we want to built at least one cottage in Canada in an environmental-friendly and sustainable way, using mainly recycled and biological material. After that the house will run completely environmental-friendly and sustainable with green energy, self produced by sun and wind. ZKREEN|travel – We make holiday. Sustainable.
50 €
45,000 € Funding goal
Project finished


Funding period 21/12/2017 16:43 o'clock - 04/02/2018 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period innerhalb eines Jahres
Funding goal 45,000 €
The project can be realised: - 1 Cottage - Mountainbikes - Canoe
2nd Funding goal 75,000 €
The project will be extended: - outdoor hot tub - sauna - one more cottage (at least) - dep
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What is this project all about?

We want to build (at least) one cottage together with the crowd. The house will be built and insulated with mainly natural material like wood and woodfibre.
The whole energy will be produced by sun and wind. At the end the house will produce more energy than it uses.
The cottage will be located at a small lake beside the beautiful Bras d‘Or Lake and will be built and used in a sustainable and environmental friendly way without limiting a normal daily life.
We want to proof that it is possible to enjoy sustainable holidays without limitations.
The project
• A piece of land on a small lake with own waterfront is already owned.
• Building of a cottage for up to 6 persons (2 separated bedrooms for 2 persons each + option for 2 additional persons). A big living area with veranda. Open kitchen. Fire place.
• Solar panels on the roof. Wind energy system on the property. The aim is to produce more energy out of the sun and the wind, than the house uses.
• Water comes from a well (common in Canada).
• The house actually works autark.
• Equipping the house with mountainbikes, canoes, … - for the complet activity holiday
For every day our house is rented, we donate 5 CAD for environmental projects. We want to counteract in that way to the pollution that occur by travelling to the place itself – what is not in our hand.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our aim is to provide an environmental friendly and sustainable holiday to all like-minded people.
LASTING as a memory but not
LASTING in our environment and our planet.

Everybody who likes to spend individual holidays and also likes to do something good to our world, is kindly invited to ask for a reservation.
We want to proof that sustainability and affordable holiday does not exclude each other!

Why would you support this project?

We want to be a good example. holiday and environmental protection don‘t need to exclude each other.
To support this project is no financial disadvantage. You actually just pay your next holiday in our cottage in advance. With a concessionary fare!
We don‘t want to invent the wheel completely new. But we can improve it. In our opinion this is not happening as much as it should or even to slow. We want to speed this up.
Our idea is to reach our aim without any commitments to banks or investors. We want to be able to act absolutely independent. And that‘s why we need you!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

When we reach our first funding aim (45.000 Euro) we can realise the first cottage:
• preparation basement
• Installation of water system and sewage system
• Buying, transport and preparation of the cottage
• installation of photovoltaik and wind energy system
• the cottage can be rented

All works (except of the water, energy and windows) will be done by ourselves to reduce the costs: That‘s why we calculated a bit more time for realising the whole project.
Funding target (40.000,- Euro) – see above, additionally:
• installation of the solar panels (ca. 3.500,- Euro) and the wind-energy (ca. 3,500,- Euro). Otherwise this would happen a bit later during the house is already available for rent.
• Building of a small storage beside the house and equipping with bikes and kajaks for a sustainalbe activity holiday (ca. 3.000,- Euro)
• [/list]

We can set the funding step that low, because we own already the ground.
Everything that goes over our set first funding aim will be used for (at least the preparation of) a second or even a third cottage on an also already owned second piece of land. Because we plan smaller cottages there, already 30.000 Euro are enough for that. That‘s why we set a second funding aim with 75.000 Euro.
Also the perks can be realised much faster then…;-)
The use of the perk vouchers is possible over a long period and also necessary. We offer holiday in the just realised cottage for a concessionary fare. Please have this in consideration. All Perks are also inheritable and not personal. That means they can also used as gifts. The maximum amount of people per perk is 6 persons.

Who are the people behind the project?

Behind this project stands the young, dynamic and dedicated team from ZKREEN|travel. ZKREEN|travel is a branch of the new venture ZKREEN from Deutschneudorf/Saxony/Germany. We are no loudspeakers, but put emphasise in actions. Our motto: „No talking, doing!“
Under the leadership of me (Holger) we want to realise this project for cottages in Canada. This aim we want to reach completely independent from banks or investors, but hand in hand with you!
Currently it is Chiara and me being busy with the planning of this project. As soon as we switch over to the realisation all available hands will join and let the dream come true…

Last but not least we want to point out one small but important thing:
Everybody can support us. If we convinced you with our idea and you want to help/support us, there are many ways how to do (also without a financial donation).
• Tell relatives, friends or colleagues about our project
• Share our posts on all possible media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…
• you are a craftsmen? We also accept muscel hypothec…;-)
That‘s it for now. Thank you for your time. We are looking forward to a vigorous support from your side. See you soon…:-)

Legal notice
Holger Pflugbeil
An der Schweinitz 2
09548 Deutschneudorf Germany

Holger Pflugbeil
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telefon: 0173-8656130

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