Crowdfunding finished
With your support we will be able to publish this beautifully designed trilingual photo book showcasing rare coloured images of China's past, taken in 1961 by Dr. Horst Köntopp, alongside the same images taken 60 years later by his great-grandson Jakob Becker. 在您的支持下,我们将能够印刷这本设计精美的三语摄影集,影集展示了德国人霍斯特-康托普博士1961年拍摄的中国宝贵的彩色图片,以及部分他的曾孙雅克布⦁贝克60年后拍摄的相同景点及其对比照片。
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Alisha Umrath
Alisha Umrath Projektberater "Brillant crowd financing round, I am curious how this project will continue."