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A series of interviews with international storytellers, storytellers from indigenous communities and cultural scientists - followed by workshops! Our questions: How are stories and tales transformed when they are crossing over cultural boundaries? Are there "red lines" we should be sensitive to? How can we as storytellers respect, preserve and honour the worldwide treasure of stories and tales? Can we nurture an international culture of exchange that explores these questions in a genuin way?
6,131 €
Start level 10,000 €
Frau Wolle Karin Tscholl
Frau Wolle Karin Tscholl 13 hours ago
Karin Holzapfel
Karin Holzapfel 2 days ago
Astrid Brüggemann
Astrid Brüggemann 3 days ago
Anna-Jenny Matitiahu
Anna-Jenny Matitiahu 5 days ago
Sabrina Mader
Sabrina Mader 5 days ago
Juliane Richter
Juliane Richter 6 days ago
Catherine Furness
Catherine Furness 6 days ago
Karin Wedra
Karin Wedra 7 days ago

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Cultural Awareness and Storytelling