Crowdfunding since 2010
We want to build a wooden tiny house in Berlin together with you! During the construction we invite you to contribute to the design of the house and to share your ideas about life in the future. Simplicity is our goal, so you will be able to rebuild the house wherever you would like. All materials can be bought at the hardware store, but also recycled materials can be used. All you need is a cordless screwdriver to assemble the building blocks for your individual tiny house.
Funding period
6/18/15 - 7/27/15
July till September 2015
Minimum amount (Start level): €
12,000 €
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Wohoooooooo! Der Dank gilt Euch!

Hendrik Raufmann
Hendrik Raufmann1 min Lesezeit

Wir haben die magische Grenze überschritten und das Haus wird Wirklichkeit. Holt die Arbeitsklamotten raus! Wir schwingen freudig den Hammer.

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The Nest - build a tiny house in Berlin