Domus Domini - Board game
DOMUS DOMINI by designer Heinz-Georg Thiemann aimed at experienced players. It is suitable for 2-6 players, ages 14 +. The game length depends on the number of players. The time you need for each player is about 25 minutes. For Franjos it is an unusual game because the target group of experienced players has not been served in the past.
6,170 €
Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt Projektberater Applause, applause. Well done, I dance with joy with the project.
 Domus Domini - Board game
 Domus Domini - Board game
 Domus Domini - Board game

About this project

Funding period 5/6/15 10:12 AM - 7/4/15 11:59 PM
Realisation 8 weeks
Startlevel 5,001 €
Category Games
City Lichtenau

Project updates

6/22/15 - Short review on boardgamenewsonline (English)...

Short review on boardgamenewsonline (English)

Gameplay: Domus Domini is a strategy and resource management game and therefore has enough depth concerning its strategic and tactical choices, while at the same time it manages to convey its special theme in a great way.

6/1/15 - DOMUS DOMINI Homepage:


Mit Spielregeln, Grafiken usw.

With rules, artwork etc.

5/29/15 - The player´s Monastery board will be expanded....

The player´s Monastery board will be expanded. This allows to include the "6 repository cards: Work in the Fields / Moneylender".

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