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dreiklang - erzgebirge apparel
Dreiklang is the German word for the musical accord. In GDR times, the people wore their Dreiklang pyjama with pride. These days, only two out of 40 former employees are still in work. We are four friends and feel that it is about time to polish up the old name. We believe it is a good start to make t shirts. And you can help us with producing the first edition. The most important one! We are looking forward to the path ahead of us - together. Lisa, Mark, Flo, Mart
10,595 €
6,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
 dreiklang - erzgebirge apparel
 dreiklang - erzgebirge apparel


Funding period 8/25/14 2:32 PM o'clock - 9/30/14 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period Late summer 2014
Funding goal 6,000 €
Category Fashion
City Thum
What is this project all about?

Out of the best materials we can find, we try to produce fashion that reflects the inner values in a trustworthy way.

We create collections with designs of artists that have a special connection to our team, to the Erzgebirge or to issues that are relating to Dreiklang.

Regionality is in the centre of our attention. The Erzgebirge as cultural space and natural habitat, border region and connecting landscape, with rich traditions and a challenging present is where we come from.

Here, we want to tailor, sew and print textiles, together with people who want to partner up in order to create beautiful products with a long life.
Our explicit wish is to become able to give a chance people with profound professional experience to work again in the field of textiles.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is to make beautiful products of outstanding quality. This includes the basic tissues, the production process in the Erzgebirge, the curation of the collections, the commitment to sustainability relating to fairness, ressources, and organic approaches.

We hope our audience will be an interested public with an eye for inner and outer aesthetics. They pay attention to their personal style as well as to the way this style is enabled, by adding value in appreciating way instead of through exploitation of humans and/or nature.

Why would you support this project?

Because our thankyous are beautiful and an expression of our gratitude.

Because our shirts make people more beautiful - and the world, too!

Because we do help people.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

6000 Euro enable us to produce one collection.
18000 Euro enable us to produce three collections.

A successful funding helps us to make a collection and to improve our concept.

Who are the people behind the project?

Mark and Lisa are a couple!!!
The two are from the Erzgebirge.
Together with their friends Flo and Martin, we are:
ernst aber lässig UG (haftungsbeschränkt) - serious but casual.
But why?

Ernst Otto Lässig was the founder of the company, and his name is fading away on the wall of the factory.
We wanted to keep up his name - and make something new out of it.

Let's present:
Flo - he's a master student of mechanical engineering at Technical University Dresden.
Lisa - she did a vocational training to become a tailor.
Mark - a tradesman by training.
Mart - a student of Design Thinking at D-School in Potsdam, but still living at home with Lisa und Mark ;)

Project updates


For all our anglophone supporters: We added subtitles to our video and uploaded it to:


Furthermore, there are two new rewards:
Dinner prepared by the CEO and a tote-bag. You can find the bag - unfortunately untranslated - as "Jutebeutel aus Hipsterleinen".

Website & Social Media
Legal notice
ernst aber lässig UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Mark Teucher
Chemnitz Straße 23
09419 Thum Deutschland


High Five Design

Johannes von High Five Design hat mit und für uns unsere Website gestaltet. Danke Jo Jo und viel Erfolg mit eurem Ding! "Baut kleine geile Firmen auf... dumdidum"

Fabian Thüroff und Melissa Lampe

Fab ist fabelhaft. Findet ihr nicht auch? Wie seht ihr das, wenn ihr wisst, dass er den Film gedreht und geschnitten hat? Danke Fabian!!! Melissa liebt ihr vielleicht schon ohne es zu wissen. Wegen ihrer Stimme. Danke, Frau Lampe, für deine warmen Worte, vorgetragen mit einem Hauch Rauch.

Kolle Mate

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