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FOR GERMAN, CLICK ON "≡" Hey Guys! I am Hendrik and I went on the exciting adventure of making a drum solo album. For that I need your support so we can finish this adventure together! All tunes and an unique music video are recorded already, so only mixing/mastering, physical production and video edit are left. Check out the video and rewards below =)
2,009 €
3,500 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
 Drum Solo Album
 Drum Solo Album
 Drum Solo Album
 Drum Solo Album
Start audio


Funding period 12/11/19 3:18 PM o'clock - 1/24/20 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period März/April 2020
Funding goal 1,950 €

This will cover the costs of the post-production: Mixing/Mastering, physical production and video edit.

2nd Funding goal 3,500 €

The money of the 2nd Funding goal goes into promotion, album release concert and video recording of the release concert.

Category Music
City Köln
What is this project all about?

1. The Album "Dimensions"
Unfamiliar/mystic sounds, produced by the unique instrument “Morfbeats Marvin” with effects, are combined with morphing-patterns on the drums and throat-singing into pulsing soundscapes. Sometimes broad and meditative, sometimes intensive and vibrating. This is not just a drum solo, it´s a musical journey through different dimensions of sound!

2. The Video
A 15 minute, 3-part suite of the album was also professionally filmed. For that, we put a lot of energy and budget into transforming the Studio A of Fattoria Musica into a “spaceship”. With the unique combination of light, laser and sound you get an exciting experience over the whole running time!

In Crowdfunding you can support me with a free amount of money and/or "buy" rewards to realise this project. You get your money back, if we don´t reach the 1st funding goal.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The goal is to gather enough money with the crowdfunding in order to pay the post-production of the Album and the video. With your support a release of the Dimensions video in March and the whole album in April is possible then! But the most important thing: You hold the CD in your hands!

Target groups are friends of experimental new sounds, drum enthousiasts, Jazz Lovers, but also friends of meditation, electronic music and throat-singing.

Why would you support this project?

This project makes music possible which explores new soundscapes beyond the mainstream. There are a lot of unheard new sounds on this album, like throat-singing in combination with organic rhythms and vibrators on the drums. Nowadays, experiments like this and it´s publishing are only possible with the support of music lovers like you!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The money of the 1st funding goal goes into:

- Mixing/Mastering
- Physical Production
- Album Design
- Video edit
These are about 1/3 of the total costs.
Included in the goal are also the costs for the crowdfunding campaign (Transaction fees, Start Next Provision, postage for rewards etc...)

If we reach the 1st funding goal, the money of the 2nd funding goal goes into:
- Promotion of the Album/Video
- Release concert party
- Video recording of the release concert
This is necessary to reach a wider audience for the album.

Who are the people behind the project?

Of course you can´t realise such a big project by yourself, so I asked some of the best people I know, who put a lot of passion and time in this project:

Thanks also to the Artez Conservatory Arnhem for their great support.
My name is Hendrik Eichler, a young drummer/composer based in cologne. Initator and Composer of the whole project.

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Hendrik Eichler
Liebigstraße 145
50823 Köln Germany
Rettet die KuFa Krefeld
Rettet die KuFa Krefeld
Der unabhängige Kulturhotspot Kulturfabrik Krefeld e. V. ist aufgrund der vierwöchigen Schließung während der Corona-Krise in ihrer Existenz bedroht.
8,729 € 29 days
HonigMut - EP "GELEBT" 2020
HonigMut - EP "GELEBT" 2020
Unsere zweite EP wartet darauf, produziert zu werden! Unsere Stimmen, unsere Musik und unsere Texte möchten raus in die Welt!
3,329 € (111%) 70 days