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You’ve already helped us build a traditional wooden house. We still need all the support to successfully complete our Transylvanian După Gard Bio B&B!

Remember last spring & the campaign you supported so that we can build a Bio-Retreat in Transylvania? We managed to exceed our EUR 4.000 threshold: Then in summer we invested the raised money & huge energy to build our lumberjack traditional (Lego) house >> This new campaign aims to complete all the bits & pieces we were not able to finish- 'cause we ran out of funds and time.We thought hard and long and came up with creative & tempting rewards!
Funding period
12/4/17 - 1/21/18
Summer 2018
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): 800 €

800 € - the minimum sum with which we can guarantee the basic completion of our project-- and nothing more.

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