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What remains, even in turbulent, fast-moving and uncertain times? Music, art, good stories, the sound of the forest, the morning sunrise in the mountains, jubilant birdsong and something that's always welcome: a cup of hot, deliciously fragrant coffee! With 'early music bird', we take you into the joyful world of daybreak as we seek to inspire, strengthen, encourage and enchant you. Discover our world premiere recordings of Early & New Music and a 192-page book full of inspiration.
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Elisa Palacios
Elisa Palacios Projektberater "Magnificent how the power of the crowd became visible here."
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 early music bird. early new music
 early music bird. early new music
 early music bird. early new music
 early music bird. early new music
 early music bird. early new music

About this project

Funding period 12/10/21 11:09 AM - 5/5/22 11:59 PM
Realisation March 2022
Start level 15,500 €

We refund the costs of CD pressing, license fees, book printing & in a further step the working time for translation, proofreading, graphics, layout etc.

Category Music
City Liebenfels

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What is this project all about?


Golden Hour – A gift from the darkness

Some nights seem to be never-ending and gloomy, offering no escape. However, we know one thing for sure: the morning follows even the darkest of nights.

What if nature was trying to tell us that after complete and utter darkness, we can count on her to present us with a magical moment, a golden morning light to inspire and strengthen us throughout the day and in the night ahead?

early music bird. early new music gives musical and artistic expression to this message from nature: arias that celebrate daybreak are embedded in early morning birdsong, Krieger’s aria Einsamkeit (1) rings out from the shadowy darkness just before sunrise, and Bach’s Ey! Wie schmeckt der Coffee süße (2) calls for a fragrant cup of morning coffee—after all, every day should begin with a good breakfast.

Our project is about encouraging people to trust and believe in what is beautiful, what unites and strengthens, sustains and supports us, and what we can always rely on: the voices of nature, music and art.

The dawn chorus, the sun that rises, golden and full of promise, from behind the mountains and the scent of freshly brewed coffee. . .
Let our music and book take you into the enchanted world of daybreak.

Produced in Austria in an environmentally friendly, sustainable way, our CD & booklet are to be published in a limited edition as a hard-cover book with a semi-linen binding, with 192 pages in German and a separate edition in English.


  • 6 works of early music
  • 5 world premiere recordings of early music (uncovered from the archives)
  • 2 world premiere recordings of contemporary music inspired by early masters, composed by Wolfgang Mitterer, and commissioned especially for early music bird
  • Recorded in a mountain church with special acoustics 1,059m above sea level
  • Excellent recording quality thanks to tonzauber / Georg Burdicek
  • Total length 67 min. 26 sec.
  • CD inserted in the hard-cover book on a sponge rubber
  • Made in Austria (produced & printed, paper, linen, etc.)


  • Separate editions in German and English
  • Elaborately designed graphics, layout and lovely illustrations by BUREAU F
  • 192 pages, dimensions 20,5 x 16,5 cm
  • Hard cover, thread stitching, half-linen bound, head band, ribbon bookmark
  • Front cover and back embossed with gold
  • High-quality, thick coated paper with an inviting texture (150 g/qm Magno Volume)
  • Exclusive, limited edition
  • Printed in Austria, paper and linen from Austria (for sustainability certificates, see “Who is behind the project”)

  • Musicologically well-founded, engaging texts to accompany all musical works
  • All aria texts in the original, in German or English
  • Elaborately designed graphics, layout and eye-catching illustrations by BUREAU F
  • A photographic journey through time and space through the state of Carinthia in southern Austria, complemented by a charmingly illustrated map showing the places that appear in the photos
  • Historically sound texts about the mountain church recording location and a magical castle in Carinthia
  • Numerous photographs of the ensemble and musicians by Carmen & Ingo Photography and Theresa Pewal
  • Biographies of all participating artists, photographed in their favourite places (castles, museums, abbey libraries, at old trees, etc.)
  • 1 exclusive interview with Luca Pianca
  • 1 exclusive interview with Wolfgang Mitterer
  • 1 coffee and 1 breakfast recipe to sit alongside our early morning theme and Bach's "coffee aria"

(1) „Loneliness
(2) “Ah! How sweet coffee tastes

Quote/Subtitle: John Keating in Weir, Peter, Dead Poets Society [Film] USA: Touchstone Pictures, 1989, 00:23:27-00:23:52. | „music“ filled in by Maria Weiss

Project & Cover Image: Carmen & Ingo Photography

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

TARGET GROUP: early music bird is for people who…

  • love sunrises, birdsong, the scent of freshly ground coffee or brewed tea in the mornings, walks in the woods and the spicy air up in the mountains.
  • want to be inspired by nature, music, art and beauty, because after every dark night there is a morning full of confidence!
  • enjoy or want to get to know the warm sound of original instruments and enjoy their music.
  • appreciate beautifully crafted books, like ours, which has a durable hardcover with thread stitching, gold embossing, high-quality paper and delicately woven linen pleasing to the touch
  • are enchanted by stories told in texts, pictures and sounds
  • care about sustainability, good craftsmanship and have an enduring respect for nature, recognising that everything that is produced should form part of a bigger, circular whole


INSPIRE YOU, ENRICH YOU: every human being has the potential to develop. Telling good stories, whether musically, visually or through lyrics, can change us, stirring something in us that can influence our lives in a positive way.

If you've ever seen the film…

A Room with a View, by James Ivory, you'll know that there's a scene in a Tuscan olive grove in spring (I, Chapter 6 in the book of the same name by E. M. Forster) that depicts a group of prim and proper English people going for a picnic. The quiet hero, George Emerson (Julian Sands), however, climbs up a gnarled olive tree and shouts his credo into nature: “Beauty! L’espoir! Verité! Trust! Joy!

Through early music bird. early new music, we want to follow George Emerson’s example and shout out: "Beauty, hope and joy!"

Music, beauty, and good stories and words have strengthened mind and spirit for centuries. They help to make good decisions and take the right steps in your own life, even in difficult times of upheaval and darkness. One thing is certain: there is always a new morning, clear, bright and golden, and every night, no matter how dark, is vanquished by gentle sunbeams, morning joy and cheerful birdsong.

Why would you support this project?

Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Rameau… our beloved composers and musical heroes have survived through their masterpieces and sound worlds for several centuries. Some of the musical treasures that have been hidden in archives for centuries have been unearthed, lovingly transcribed and enthusiastically arranged.

What remains in turbulent, fast-moving and uncertain times? What can you rely on?

Music, art, good stories, the sound of the forest, the morning sunrise and something that's guaranteed to bring a smile: a cup of deliciously fragrant, hot coffee!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

First of all, the content has to be perfect: early music that we have re-read, freshly interpreted and extracted from dusty archives. No studio recordings — we used a Gothic mountain church with special acoustics instead. But the engaging stories and pictures that accompany the music in the booklet also need a permanent frame that guarantees their quality and sustainability.

Our hard-cover books with semi-linen binding and high-quality paper, gold embossing and woven reading ribbons are produced locally in Austria. The CDs are also pressed in Austria and attached by hand onto the glued moss rubber point in the books.

Everything is ready to go: now we just need your support to cover the printing costs with our first funding target and, in a second step, to refund the time that our team members have spent on the countless steps involved, whether it's on the graphics, layout, illustrations, translations, editing or proofreading.

Who are the people behind the project?

Overview of the full team

Project concept, leadership & organisation
Maria Weiss

Favola in Musica. Music and Cultural Society | 1607 Records
Maria Weiss, BA, CEO; Mag. Dr Michael Weiss MSc., Deputy

Label (independent)
1607 Records | through Favola in Musica. Music and Cultural Society
Charitable organisation, ZVR number: 387201057 | [email protected]

Honorary members
Teresa Berganza, Glenys Linos, Gerhard Persché

1607. ensemble for early & new music

Maria Weiss, mezzo soprano, leader
Wolfgang Mitterer, composition, electronics
Luca Pianca, lute
Mónika Tóth, violin I
Zsófia Bréda, violin II
Hanne Eisenhut, viola
Igor Bobovich, cello
Alexandra Dienz, double bass
Chiara Massini, harpsichord
Anne-Suse Enßle, recorder
Annemarie Podesser, recorder
Herman Ebner, horn
Michael Söllner, horn

Sound & mastering
Georg Burdicek | tonzauber

Musical expertise
Luca Pianca (musical expertise, instrumentation)
Christian Moritz-Bauer, MA (musicological expertise)
Prof. James Pearson (Staatsoper Wien | coaching, musical expertise)
Glenys Linos (instrumental and vocal expertise)
Michi Gaigg (L’Orfeo Barockorchester, musical expertise)

Discovery of unpremiered early music
Maria Weiss (2 Gasparini arias, 1 anonymous aria, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek and 1 aria Bibliothèque nationale de France); Christian Moritz-Bauer, MA (1 Rameau aria, Bibliothèque National de France)

Transcriptions of world premiere and early music works in modern notation
Cosimo Strawiarski (Edition Musica Poetica), Antonie Schlegel, Christian Moritz-Bauer

Musical evaluation and selection of world premiere early music works
Maria Weiss, BA; Prof. James Pearson

Musicological texts
Mag. Doris Weberberger; Prof. Catherine Gordon MA; Alexander Moore MA; Christian Moritz-Bauer; Mag. Dr Marko Deisinger

Historical texts on Carinthia
DDr. Alexander Bach, BEd.

Foreword, project, recipies
Maria Weiss

Paul Richards, MA; Rose Jones, BA DipTrans; Dr Esther Jo Steiner

Editing and proofreading
German: Mag. Dr Michael Weiss, MSc; English: Rose Jones, BA, DipTrans; Paul Richards, M.A., Brian Robins

Translations of sung texts
German: Prof. Dr. Christine Ratkowitsch, Mag. Dr. Christine Noe & Ao. Univ.-Prof. i.R., Mag. Dr. Alfred Noe, o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Georg Kremnitz

Graphics, layout & illustrations
BUREAU F | Fabienne Feltus & Philipp Stürzenbecher

Cover Photograph
Carmen & Ingo Photography

Carmen & Ingo Photography, Theresa Pewal, Maria Weiss, Elija Weiss, Philipp Steiner, Ben Williams, Milos Sipos

Cover logo & calligraphy
Jeannette Mokosch

Cooperation partners Photographs of the team members
Das Buchkontor | 1150 Wien | Ulla Harms, Wien (A)
Universitätsbibliothek Wien | Grosser Lesesaal
Frau Mag.a Stückler, Frau Klammer, Wien (A)
Schmetterlinghaus Wien | Stephen A. Fried, Wien (A)
Naturhistorisches Museum Wien | Alice Schumacher (A)
Stiftsbibliothek Kremsmünster | Stift Kremsmünster (A)
Stiftsbibliothek Schottenstift Benediktinerabtei | P. Augustinus Zeman OSB (Prior), Wien (A)
Greißlermuseum Thörl | Diana Erat (A)
The Morrab | Morrab Library | Penzance, Cornwall (GB)
RISD Museum | Providence (USA)

Styling (Photos Carmen & Ingo Photography) Emmanuela Cossar

Hair & make-up (Photos Carmen & Ingo Photography) Wagner für Haare: Marlies Kleinberger & Team

Mag. Iris Blumauer | | Made in Austria

Pressing Company
CSM Production, Ton- & Datenträger GmbH, A-1020 Vienna

Printing House
Buch Theiss GmbH, Am Gewerbepark 14, A-9431 St. Stefan im Lavanttal

Magno Volume, 150g/qm, 1,08 fach Vol.

Paper CertificateE
PEFC®: GFA-COC-500119, EU Ecolabel

This booklet printed on high quality, PEFC® certified paper. PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) is the world's leading institution for the promotion, protection and marketing of active, sustainable and climate-friendly forest management. Wood and wood products which are PEFC certified originate verifiably from ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forestry. PEFC stands for credibility and independence.
PEFC is represented in Austria by PEFC Austria.

Druckerei Theiss GmbH is FSC® and Cradle to Cradle Certified®
Cradle to Cradle Certified® (C2C) is the world's most advanced science-based standard for safe, recyclable and responsible materials. The main principle behind the C2C concept is “thinking in cycles”. The aim is to avoid waste by fully recycling materials in a regenerative closed loop system - if, for example, a C2C printing
unit is burned, the ashes can be safely used as fertilizer and are thus returned to the natural cycle.
Cradle to Cradle criteria include environmentally friendly production methods, use of renewable energies as well as corporate social responsibility.


Infinite THANKS to the
J. Hornig

SKE | Austro Mechana

SPONSORS (CD & Project)
Haus-Infrarot Heizungen Klagenfurt
tonzauber | Georg Burdicek
Gipfelhaus Magdalensberg | Familie Skorianz
Schloss Pöckstein | Family Irmgard and Thomas Telsnig

Geschichten erzählen: Dich verzaubern, inspirieren, Deinen Glauben an das Schöne stärken, an die Stimme der Natur, der Musik und der Kunst.

This project has been awarded by the Startnext VI Vielfaltoskop.
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Project updates

4/23/22 - As announced, here comes our surprise,...

As announced, here comes our surprise, available now with 3 NEW REWARDS for you. Have you never imagined that a painting in a museum or in a book suddenly moves? That the lady in the painting from 1732 all of the sudden smiles at you, the sabre of a ruler rattles, or that the ensemble in the photo in our book really laughs?

If it has to be digital, then we would like to realise it in our - always fairytale-like - way and present a WORLD PREMIERE to you here: A DIGITAL, ANIMATED BOOKLET as a kind of "musical Harry Potter newspaper".
In the digital, animated booklet, the illustrations are animated, instead of some photos there are videos, you can listen directly to the music and "en top" all the 11 texts of the musical works, excitingly narrated, including the twittering of birds, the rattling of carriages and the clatter of horses as an audio play.
From now on there are 3 new rewards at an exclusive price only in our crowdfunding, which only runs for 11 more days:
1. the digital, animated booklet including:
- Book, digital & animated; music, audio of the texts
- Exclusive: Separate download: Music & texts as MP3
2. the 11 texts about the musical works as audio in EN
3. our CD as digital download
Have fun! We look forward to hearing from you!
Your Maria, Michael & favola team

4/23/22 - Wie angekündigt, hier kommt unsere...

Wie angekündigt, hier kommt unsere Überraschung, die ab sofort mit 3 NEUEN DANKESCHÖNS für Euch verfügbar ist.
Hast du dich noch nie bei einem Bild im Museum oder in einem Buch vorgestellt, dass es sich plötzlich bewegt? Dass dir die Dame am Gemälde von 1732 plötzlich zulächelt, der Säbel eines Herrschers rasselt, oder, dass das Ensemble am Foto in unserem Buch plötzlich wirklich lacht?
Wenn schon Digital, dann möchten wir es in unserer - stets märchenhaft - angehauchten Art realisieren und stellen Dir hier eine WELTPREMIERE vor: Ein DIGITALES, ANIMIERTES BOOKLET als eine Art "musikalische Harry Potter Zeitung". Im digitalen, animierten Booklet sind die Illustrationen animiert, anstatt mancher Fotos gibt es Videos, Du kannst direkt die Musik anhören und „en top“ alle Werktexte, spannend erzählt, samt Vogelzwitschern, Kutschenrasseln und Pferdegetrappel als Hörspiel.
Ab sofort gibt es 3 neue Dankeschöns zum Exklusiv-Preis nur in unserem Crowdfunding, das nur noch 11 Tage läuft:
1. Das digitale, animierte Booklet mit:
- Buch, digital & animiert; Musik, Audio Werktexte
- Exklusiv: Separater Download: Musik & Werktexte als MP3
2. Die 11 Werktexte als Audio
3. Unsere CD als digitaler Download

Viel Freude! Wir freuen uns von Euch zu hören!
Eure Maria, Michael & das „favola“ Team

4/5/22 - Wir haben eine tolle Überraschung für Euch,...

Wir haben eine tolle Überraschung für Euch, demnächst hier unter den Dankeschöns. Für die Umsetzung bürgt ein grandioses Team, die aber C-bedingt gleich 4+ Wochen ausgefallen sind. Da die Überraschung deshalb nicht pünktlich gelauncht werden kann, müssen wir verlängern. Falls es Fragen von Eurer Seite gibt, ihr Euer Dankeschön nicht mehr erwarten könnt: wir sind für Euch da, finden eine Lösung & freuen uns von Euch zu hören! Eure Maria & Michael

2/5/22 - First and foremost, a heartfelt thank you to...

First and foremost, a heartfelt thank you to all of you! You are incredible: with your help we have already reached half of our first funding goal.

A circumstance called "C" has been holding us all in its grip for almost 2 years now. As I'm sure you all do - we could tell you stories about our project too: How often we had to postpone the recordings, constantly changing entry rules for our musicians from abroad to staff shortages, delivery delays in the production.

Since from around mid-December until now most of our crew either had "C" or were in quarantine, and we could only marginally, if at all, dedicate ourselves to crowdfunding, we lost over 6 weeks of time. Therefore, we have decided to extend our funding period until 07.04. The also a musical date: On this day the first performance of the St. John Passion by J. S. Bach took place, in 1724.

If you have already ordered the CD & book or another thank you gift, and the wait now seems long, please contact us at [email protected]

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for your patience and support!

Maria, Michael & the favola team

2/5/22 - Allem voran Euch allen ein von Herzen...

Allem voran Euch allen ein von Herzen kommendes Danke! Ihr seid unglaublich: Mit Eurer Hilfe haben wir bereits die Hälfte unseres ersten Funding-Ziels geschafft.

Ein Umstand namens „C“ hält uns alle nun seit fast 2 Jahren ziemlich fest im Griff. Wie sicher ihr alle – auch bei unserem Projekt könnten wir Euch Geschichten erzählen: Wie oft wir die Aufnahmen verschieben mussten, sich ständig ändernde Einreise-Regeln für unsere MusikerInnen aus dem Ausland bis hin zu Personalausfällen, Lieferverzögerungen in der Produktion.

Da seit ca. Mitte Dezember bis jetzt die meisten unserer Crew entweder „C“ hatten oder in Quarantäne waren, und wir uns, wenn überhaupt, nur marginal dem Crowdfunding widmen konnten, haben wir über 6 Wochen an Zeit verloren. Daher haben wir uns entschlossen unseren Finanzierungszeitraum bis 07.04. zu verlängern. Der auch ein musikalisches Datum: An diesem Tag fand die Uraufführung der Johannespassion von J. S. Bach statt, im Jahr 1724.

Wenn ihr CD & Buch oder ein anderes Dankeschön schon bestellt habt, und Euch das Warten nun lange vorkommt, bitte kontaktiert uns unter [email protected]

Von Herzen DANKE für Eure Geduld und Eure Unterstützungen!
Maria, Michael & das favola Team

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Coffee tradition since 1912 As big HORNIG COFFEE fans we are particularly pleased and thank our sponsor J. HORNIG for the delicious coffee!


Handcrafted care and Italian leather, we love KEECIE! Many THANKS to Keecie & Klaartje de Hartog for the chirping birds!


Italian quality since 1955 has proven itself. As long-time KARTOS fans we send our heartfelt THANK YOU to KARTOS in the Italian Tuscany and thank you for the beautiful boxes!


When we recommend organic, sustainable spices harvested in harmony with nature in our recipes, we think of SONNENTOR. We say THANK YOU for this special cooperation!

early music bird. early new music

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