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Eye Scream is a narrative short film, a hybrid of the the genres romcom, psychological thriller and meta-cinema.

What would you do if one day you find out, that you (as a queer person) only play a minor role in a tacky heteronormative movie? EYE SCREAM, as a life action movie, deals with the question, what happens when a fictional character – the Ice Cream Vendor* – develops an awareness of her*self and realises that she* only exist as a minor character in the context of the movie.
Funding period
4/11/19 - 5/12/19
Start of 2020
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Minimum amount (Start level): 2,000 €

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We can pay all of our crew members, the costs for materials, studio few and equipment are mostly covered and our bank accounts are not overdrawn.

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What is this project all about?

The plot of EYE SCREAM features a non-cis or non-binary identifying figure, the ice cream vendor*.
She* emancipates her*self from a minor role to the main character in the hope of being recognized and liberated from the suppressing medium. However, in the course of her* efforts she* gains higher goals: she* enters into direct dialogue with the audience holding up a mirror to the audience to reflect their dulled viewing habits.

EYE SCREAM is told out of the perspective of society’s outcasts to formulate a critique against the repressive mechanisms of the (still) predominant status quo, the patriarchy, and thereby reflects the heteronormative and sexist conditions of the film industry in Germany.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The potential target audience of EYE SCREAM involves society as a whole. Everybody should feel adressed to enter into negotiations with the Ice Cream Vendor*.
Behind EYE SCREAM lies an activistic motivation to empower woman*, people of color and non-binary identifying humans before and behind the camera. We want to shoot this movie to empower queer people and to do educational work for all people, that are interested in changing the oppressing structures of the system.

Why would you support this project?

We really count on you!
As critics of the political system we want to realise EYE SCREAM independently from the established structures of the german film industry.
Support us so we can overcome all obstacles that the patriarchial structures of capitalism are throwing at us.
With EYE SCREAM we want to create a fundamental contribution to the film industry in germany. We want to give opportunities to those humans, who are still oppressed by patriarchy: woman* and non-binary people, to realise their ideas and art through this project.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

By supporting this project you enable the whole team to work in a safer space with good working structures for woman* and non-binary filmmakers, without sexism or ignorance.

The hard facts:

With 35.000 Euro we could pay off the team and cover all costs for material, equipment and studio rent.

With 55.000 Euro we even have the opportunity to finance our high quality post-production (VFX, Green Screen, Animation) in time to apply for the festival season 2020, starting with Berlinale, Max Ophüls and Cannes.

We also plan to go on an international screening tour with this movie, that will also include discussions and lectures of different artists of our team. These events should be at no charge FOR YOU, contrary to the commercial merchandising of film festivals.
We want to start shooting on the 17th of May (International Day against Homo- & Trans*phobia), to take EYE SCREAM from the set to the streets!

Who are the people behind the project?

Jennifer von Schuckmann is working on her queer-feminist trilogy since 2014. Thanks to the crowdfunding community she was able to realize her first shortfilm Cabaret Voltaire in the same year. MimiCry, the second one, brought international success and Jennifer went on a worldwide screening tour with it, doing explanatory work in and outside the queer community.

The whole crew of EYE SCREAM will be recruited within the FLINT*Q-Spectrum (Female, lesbian, inter*, non-binary and trans* and queer people). We want to encourage woman*, non-binary and trans* filmmakers, especially BIPoC (Black/Indigenous People of Color) and make them visible in the film industry in Germany.

Especially for our work structures, we want to create a Safer Space in order to be able to practice adequate criticism of oppression mechanisms and patriarchal structures without
disruption. Together we want to depict our own experiences as queer feminist filmmakers* and also expand networks for further collaborations.

Eye Scream