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The ice cream of the future has arrived! Creamy indulgence - homemade, sustainable and free from animal products. We want to show the world that vegan ice cream pleasure is possible without compromise and while having a positive impact on the planet. Our innovative recipes are based on years of development and finely balanced plant varieties. Lets show the world together that delicious ice cream can be sustainable, kind and environmentally friendly!
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Funding period 8/18/21 5:44 PM - 9/18/21 11:59 PM
Realisation September 2021 - March 2022
Start level 5,000 €

With your support we will be able to finance our ice display counter and produce your rewards.

Category Food
City München

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What is this project all about?

The ice cream of the future has arrived!
Creamy pleasure - sustainable and free of animal products.

The eisbrunnen - Ice Fountain - intends to show that vegan ice cream pleasure is possible without compromise and while having a positive impact on our planet. Our innovative recipes are based on years of development and carefully balanced plant varieties.

Since the recipes taste like premium milk ice cream, most of our ice cream testers could hardly believe that our ice cream is purely plant-based!

Let's show the world that delicious ice cream can be sustainable and animal-friendly. It's a playful way for us to demonstrate the endless possibilities of vegan nutrition.

Ice cream is more than just a dessert to us. It is a multi-sensory form of art that tells stories about life while touching and delighting people of all ages.

Did you know that our senses, our smell and taste, are intimately connected to our memory? Each eisbrunnen flavour is inspired by beautiful memories of magical places and wonderful experiences. We want to share these special moments with you in the form of hand-scooped ice cream goodness.

Are you ready to go on a very unique flavor exploration with eisbrunnen?

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

With your help we would like to open an eisbrunnen concept store in Munich and offer sustainable, handmade ice cream happiness. The heart of our ice cream parlor, the ice cream display case - our ice cream fountain - is intended to be financed as part of this campaign. The eisbrunnen ice cream is for all ice cream lovers who value taste, quality and sustainability.

Why would you support this project?

Let's show the world that delicious ice cream can actually be sustainable. With each and every scoop, we can make vegan nutrition approachable in a positive and fun way - and at the same time reduce a huge amounts of CO2 and avoid animal suffering.

The benefits of our ice cream:

❊ 100% plant-based
❊ lactose-free
❊ cholesterol-free
❊ sustainable
❊ particularly digestible
❊ no salmonella risk

With eisbrunnen, you can enjoy delicious and guilt free ice cream desserts and no longer have to compromise on the taste, texture and mouthfeel. Be one of the first to try the eisbrunnen ice cream!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The eisbrunnen's ice cream production is already in place. All the necessary equipment (including ice machine, pasteurizer, mixer, blast freezer, freezers) have been financed through personal savings, family support and a private loan. What eisbrunnen still lacks is a suitable long-term location for our ice cream parlor and especially the ice cream display case (the ice cream fountain).

With your support we would like to purchase an appropriate model. Provided that we find a suitable property for the ice fountain ice cream parlor in a timely manner, the opening is planned for this fall. Even in the cold months we want to sweeten your everyday life - with hot drinks, popular winter ice creams and vegan waffles.

The search for a suitable location for the ice cream store is particularly difficult in Munich, with horrendous buyouts and ridiculous rents. If you have any advice, please feel free to send us an email. (from 30 m²), max. 1500 Euro and in vegan-friendly neighborhoods in Munich). A successful referral will be rewarded with plenty of ice cream. :-)

*If, against all expectations, we do not find a suitable property in the next six months, we will adapt our concept and instead of an ice cream parlor invest alternatively in:
- an ice cream filling machine for ice cream cups (approx. 11.000,-€)
- an ice cream vending machine ( approx. 20.000,-€) which we would like to place in the city of Munich.

If the financing is successful, you will be able to pick up your rewards at selected times between September and November on Saturdays at our ice cream factory in the Maxvorstadt in Munich.

Who are the people behind the project?

Hi, my name is Lucy, I am the founder of this project, and a passionate ice cream lover. However, a creamy ice cream, as I remember it from childhood days, has only been available with animal products. I therefore decided to create it myself in a vegan form.

To learn the art of ice cream craft, I attended an ice cream school in 2019. A lot has happened since then. A year later, I wrote my master's thesis in leadership and management in the form of a business plan about eisbrunnen and on May 1, 2021, I signed the lease for the vegan ice cream production facility in Munich.

The eisbrunnen is supported by my family and friends. First and foremost from my husband Falk, who always has my back and supports me with everything. By my father, who produced the crowdfunding video and designed the logo and branding along with me, vegan food blogger and book author Bettina (Vegantina), who is in charge of our website, my friend and social media specialist Zirintusa, as well as many friends who help out as ice cream models, ice cream testers or consultants.

If you feel like joining the eisbrunnen and becoming part of our team, feel free to drop us an email. Among other things, we are looking for energetic support in our production.

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