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elole – Borderwalks
Borders are playing an ever greater role in our lives and elole is embarking on a project to cross them. Borderwalks expands the piano trio to include horn in all possible trio combinations in pieces by Ligeti, Yun, Wolff and Lucier. A generous gift of tickets via the charitable organization Kulturloge Dresden crosses the border to haute culture. The elole.workshop, an open rehearsal featuring Wolff's piece where the audience can work out its own version, crosses the performer/spectator border.
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Charlott Roth
Charlott Roth Projektberater "This was a remarkable round of crowd financing."

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Daniel Costello
Daniel Costello1 min Lesezeit

Hi everyone. Here is my pitch for the border walks project - this time in English (Video: Ulrike Wentzkat). What I find interesting not only the challenge to combine the traditional piano trio with something different, like a horn, but how the elole trio is committed to developing new formats like the elole workshop. I have always valued the opinion of sensitive non-musicians and amateurs regarding the impressions they have of concerts and rehearsals. Walking on the border between audience and performer is a fantastic idea, giving both sides new insights about how we perceive and perform music.

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Matthias Lorenz
Matthias Lorenz1 min Lesezeit


Uta-Maria Lempert
Uta-Maria Lempert1 min Lesezeit
elole – Borderwalks

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