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Matthias, who was born in East Berlin, is a slick worker in an advertisement agency. But one day his routine gets disrupted by the order to scatter the ashes of his mum, a convinced socialist, at a very special place. He has to travel to a deserted island off the shore of Cuba, that Fidel Castro once donated the GDR: Cayo Ernesto Thälmann - Ernesto’s Island. Matthias takes a trip, that becomes more and more a search for a true home.
30,110 €
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Funding period 2/7/20 1:28 PM - 3/8/20 11:59 PM
Realisation 1/12/17 - 15/12/17
Minimum amount (Start level) 30,000 €

The movie will be finishes!

We can finish the Edit.
Sound Design + Cinema 5.1 Mix + TV Mix
4K final version

Category Movie / Video
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

It is about the big and the small things, about family, friends, about love. But above all it is about the place, that every persons pictures differently, but that is always wonderful in the same way: It is a place, where you can be your true self. Where you fell safe and secure, where you maybe even feel loved.

Does such a place exist? And if it does exist, does it have anything to do with East and West? Does it even have to be an actual place? On a journey through Cuba we are getting to the bottom of all of these questions. In this state that is slowly falling apart, where the old has not vanished and the new not yet arrived. On this journey we experience hand in hand the sad and the funny, the longing and the hurtful. Simply all the things that we cannot find answers without.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?


Why would you support this project?

Because our movie has - just like This Ain’t California - it’s very unique style.
The script of Ernesto’s Island got enriched and has grown while we were already shooting, because we left space for the unwritten: It got filled with life by the people we met on the spot. They weaved their stories into the movie. They gave us an intimate glimpse into their relationships to their homes and made this movie a true affair of the heart.

As projects like this are very hard to evaluate in advance, it is almost impossible for sponsors and movie buyers to support them.
Nevertheless we were able to begin with Ernesto’s Island thanks to the support of arte, RBB and the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, who were the only ones who involved themselves in this - at the time - unpredictable adventure.

So the main part of our big journey is successfully completed. But to make it to the finish line and to bring it on the big screen we need your support.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

We will finish the movie with this money.

In detail and in this will be finishing the edit, which is still some way to go, while composing score and buying music license rights. When this is done we’ll have to do some more work on sound and sound design, which also still is a huge job. We will record the narrator’s voice (Voice Over), have actors synchronize certain parts again, where the original sound is crappy and do Voice Overs themselves. Then this all will get mixed into cinema files and a Dolby 5.1 Mix and a stereo TV mix and another 100 things our sound designer will come up with, to make his 50% of the movie. Sound tells the story on another level and if it’s done well you won’t have to open your eyes to feel the place you are at.
But what am I telling you, I bet you all know these things yourself..

Then we will have to do the online (relinking small edit files to the original 4k footage), have retouching and compositing done, where the screen is not yet showing the right thing. And then the colorist will grab this whole movie and do his magic to colors and contrast and work the hidden things out of the dark corners. Sounds so easy, but these artists also make the movie a world that fits together and that you enjoy experiencing.

In the end picture and sound will be brought together and the movie will be exported to all different kinds of data formats that are necessary in order to publish like DCP for cinema and also then we’ll have different language versions done (by professionals, of course. Unlike this text;) …

Then we’ll gather our last bits of energy and money in order to make sure this movie can be seen elsewhere besides German television. Festival applications cost money, press work has to be done as well as Trailers, Poster, Graphics and Print work to get this movie into cinemas all over the world.

Who are the people behind the project?

Lots of extraordinary people, who all formed the movie significantly. They all gave their stories for our film, their ideas, their unbelievable energy - and last but not least their money, that was not a safe investment before the shooting of this adventurous experiment for sure.

The idea of shooting such a movie was mine: I am Ronald Vietz, I have grown up in East Berlin and spent most of my time skateboarding. In the beginning of the 90ies I did my training as a heating engineer and spent my free time in the Clubs of Berlin, my slowly vanishing home. 1998 I started working in the film industry and shot everything from music videos and commercials to feature films.

Ernesto’s Island is my second feature after This Ain’t California as a producer and my first as a director. Both movies are largely based on my own biography and the ones of my family and friends, which is why especially Ernesto’s Island is particularly close to my heart. I hope and I believe that this movie shows this personal note in the end.

Project adjustments

3/3/22 - Dear supporters, the pandemic seems to be...

Dear supporters,

the pandemic seems to be coming to an end and we have hope again.
With a little bit of luck, we’ll bring the film to cinemas in this fall.

Everything now depends on whether we get funding from the Medienboard for the theatrical release or not. We keep our fingers crossed.

And with this email we would like to thank you again for your patience in this matter, your support and trust.

Between us, it wasn't that great up to now, to speak frank there was no perspective for a long time.

And on top this, we hadn’t had any plan to tell to the many people who worked or helped making the movie.

So that's how it is now. We're getting ready for the cinema. And as planned before, the film will be shown on TV after the theatrical release on ARTE and RBB.
For anyone waiting for the DVD, poster, streaming links or screenings from us... these will be ready around the time of the theatrical release.

We'll keep you posted on all of this stuff.

Love from

3/3/22 - Liebe Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützer, die...

Liebe Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützer,

die Pandemie scheint sich dem Ende zu neigen und wir haben wieder Hoffnung und werden den Film voraussichtlich im Herbst ins Kino bringen.

Alles hangt nun davon ab ob wir für die Kinoherausbringung vom Medienboard gefördert werden. Wir drücken uns die Daumen.

Und mit dieser Email möchten wir uns auch nochmal für Eure Geduld in dieser Sache bedanken, eure Unterstützung und Vertrauen.

Zwischen uns, es war nicht so geil bis hierher, gerade weil es lange Zeit keine Perspektive gab. Und man unter anderem auch nicht den vielen Leuten, die an diesem Projekt mitgewirkt haben, sagen konnte, wie es weitergeht.

Also so ist es jetzt. Wir machen uns an die Vorbereitungen fürs Kino. Im TV wird der Film wie geplant nach der Kinoveröffentlichung auf ARTE und RBB zu sehen sein.
Für alle, die auf DVD, Poster, Streaming-Links oder Vorführungen von uns warten,… diese wird es rings um den Kinostart geben.

Wir halten euch mit all diesen Sachen auf dem Laufenden.

Lieben Gruss

2/21/20 - PAYPAL PAYMENT possible now! Because many of...

PAYPAL PAYMENT possible now!
Because many of you from abroad asked us to add paypal as a payment method, we set up an account now. It is:
[email protected]

We will transfer your payment directly into our crowdfunding campaign and you will still get your perks and be named as supporter, of course!
Just don't forget to add your name and perk when you send your payment!

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