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EveryoneSong - Strangers Will Be Friends.
EveryoneSong is a new and entertaining way of connecting people. We use the power of Music combined with storytelling. We bridge the language gap. We invite all nationalities to be part of our sessions. Strangers become friends.
8,435 €
Privacy notice
Privacy notice
 EveryoneSong - Strangers Will Be Friends.
 EveryoneSong - Strangers Will Be Friends.
 EveryoneSong - Strangers Will Be Friends.
 EveryoneSong - Strangers Will Be Friends.
 EveryoneSong - Strangers Will Be Friends.

About this project

Funding period 11/2/16 11:47 PM - 12/12/16 11:59 PM
Realisation 23.12.2016 - 30.04.2017
Start level 7,000 €
Category Community
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

EveryoneSong is a project space where people from different cultures share their favorite music and personal life stories without language barriers thanks to simultaneous live translation, enabling people to establish human relationships based upon common interests, experiences and shared feelings.
How do we structure our weekly meetings?
After a short introduction round, our guests individually choose a piece of music or a song that brings up certain memories for them. They then tell a short story from their lives, sharing experiences with the other participants. The music is then played and it’s magic is powerful. Music brings those sharing it together. It creates a new story between those listening to it.
On one hand, feelings of separation and alienation are replaced with familiarity and community. And on the other hand, new worlds open up for all participants regarding cultures, societies and, of course, music!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is to develop "EveryoneSong" as a platform and to provide our model for other initiatives in other places in Berlin and throughout Germany. To make this possible, we need your support.
We invite you to join our team, to be part of this project.
Participants: EveryoneSong focuses itself on all people currently living in Germany and/or Berlin as well as on all people who come to Germany and/or Berlin, regardless of nationality, gender, religious identity or cultural background.
Donors: EveryoneSong urgently needs material and immaterial support by individuals, institutions, nonprofits and initiatives.

Why would you support this project?

EveryoneSong is new. It is a simple and entertaining, yet effective way for people from different backgrounds to find pleasure in being together in one place, spending time together, getting to know each other, and thus creating a new social culture.
We can all profit if places like EveryoneSong are available in our cities. In times like these, EveryoneSong is a base for true intergration.
Up to this point we have invested €10,000 privately to start and continue running EveryoneSong. The time spent for administration, operation, advising and program development have been 100% volunteer. Now we can only continue with your support!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

When we Started EveryoneSong we believed in the idea, and we tried and improved it over the last 10 months. Today we are certain that it works.
The Program costs us € 1,200 a month. (€ 500 for rent, €200 for heat, €500 for administrative fees)
We are ultimately aiming for public funding to finance this program. 
But in the mean time, we are looking for donations totaling € 7000.00, as well as your participation, your network, and your ideas, to help us keep going. With this support, we would be able to reach this goal within the next 3-4 months.
Every extra Euro you donate will allow us to continue running and optimizing this program.
€ 20,000 would enable us to create a film that visualizes the social impact and effect EveryoneSong has had on those involved. We would use this film to reach out to other funding opportunities. It would also to encourage other organizations to follow the same method. More strangers would be friends.

If you want to donate a free amount and need a donation receipt, please let us know. Then we are able to make you a donation receipt.
Please note that we can not issue a donation receipt if you receive one of our rewards in return for your support. On request you can get an invoice from us for your free donation.

Konto: Happy Moments e.V.
Bank: Berliner Volksbank
Subject: EveryoneSong
IBAN: DE09100900002598826008
Happy Moments e.V.
z. Hd.: Maha Alusi

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 42/43

10999 Berlin

Who are the people behind the project?

Maha Alusi and Nicole Yazolino founded EveryoneSong in December 2015. The personalities and life stories of architect, storyteller Maha and musician and communications expert Nicole encourage and enable session participants to open up, share their stories, and ultimately change the relationships of the participants from strangers into friends.

Today the core community is about 80 refugees and 30 locals who regularly attend the sessions.
The number of our expanding community is made of about 400 people from 37 different countries, who have shared time with us in at least one session.

Video credits
Maha Alusi: Co-Founder, Artist, Humanitarian
Nicole Yazolino: Co-Founder, Musician, Humanitarian
Stefan Godskesen: Filming And Concept
Louis Durra: Editing And Finishing
Matthias Seyerlein: Marketing
Music: “Intro to Shamstep” by 47Soul

Thank you for your support!
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Project updates

1/18/17 - Dear supporters, Everyonesong in the press...

Dear supporters,
Everyonesong in the press
Last Friday, the Tagesspiegel main newspaper in Berlin reported:
EveryoneSong is working on expanding with another round in Zelendorf Berlin
Posting of the rewards
Good news! we are posting the rewards on Monday! thank you again dear supporters.

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Social Media Support from Grezzli

We at Grezzli we believe in Connecting people to spread peace.
We are helping Everyone song to grow their community to achieve their Vision using social media power.

Marketing Support by Matthias Seyerlein, provaluewerk

provaluewerk supports industry, entrepreneurs and (social) initiatives in development and execution of successful marketing and innovation strategies based on broad market and target audience analysis.

Helpu enables the netwoork Everyonesong starts to continue online.

HELPU is a location based platform which connects refugees and volunteers in their immediate vicinity.

EveryoneSong - Strangers Will Be Friends.

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