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The Festival of Animation Berlin (FAB) annually presents the best animated films in both regional and international categories. Filmmakers from Berlin and from around the world thereby have an opportunity to associate with like-minded people, as well as to connect with an audience that admires and appreciates their work. With this campaign we aim to realize the 3rd edition of the festival in autumn 2019.
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Charlott Roth
Charlott Roth Projektberater "Impressively pulled through this crowd financing phase."

Programme is online

Daniel Demele
Daniel Demele1 min Lesezeit

Juhuu, unser diesjähriges Programm wird enthüllt! Auf unserer Website seht ihr jetzt, was wir dank eurer Hilfe in diesem Jahr an einem Tag so alles auf die Beine stellen können! Mit dabei: drei Wettbewerbe, ein italienisches Länderspecial, Pitching, Masterclass und Social Events. Wir können es kaum noch erwarten - ihr auch? Hier geht's zum Programm

Yay, our programme line up is live! Find out on our website what we have planned for an incredible FAB day, possibly only thanks to your support! Three competitions, Focus-on-Italy special, pitching, masterclass and social events. We can't wait - are you excited too? Read more about the

3. Festival of Animation Berlin

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