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Fabuleon is designed as a media experience. A colourful bouquet of information about the world is already available digitally in English and German. Our German debut Fabuleon "The Fabutastic Quest for the one and only Quill" (Volume 1 of more books) is a composition of language and images and is to appear as a printed book (First edition with 1,000 copies (self-published with ISBN and listing), format: 21x21 cm and high quality print with thread binding and cover finishing, made in Germany.
10,433 €
Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt Projektberater "Impressive how the power of the crowd became visible here."
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 German Book Publication Fabuleon: Impressive Universe
 German Book Publication Fabuleon: Impressive Universe
 German Book Publication Fabuleon: Impressive Universe
 German Book Publication Fabuleon: Impressive Universe
 German Book Publication Fabuleon: Impressive Universe
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About this project

Funding period 5/18/21 8:19 AM - 6/30/21 11:59 PM
Realisation until 30.09.2021
Start level 7,500 €

With 7,500 € we can print 1.000 copies with an additional personal contribution of 7,500 €. Every € over this saves our equity and covers costs already paid.

Category Literature
City Lörrach

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What is this project all about?

Fitz upon Wonder has been home to Writing Squirrels and Curibrids for many generations. A legend has grown up about the existence of a special quill, which is supposed to lead the one that connects to it to perfection. The considerate, open-minded Fingol, one of the two main characters, is such a Writing Squirrel and comes into possession of a letter from his uncle Fabugol through the new librarian, a Muzzle Chair. Fingol's relative is believed to be missing and was last seen when he went on his quest for this very mysterious quill. The contents of this letter prompt Fingol to go out himself. He is accompanied by his unflinching and curious friend Lica Curibird.

The unlikely team experiences all kinds of adventures on a journey through the areas of Norgona that they had previously only known from books kept in the Library of Fitz. Norgona is one of (planned) further continents within the universe of Fabuleon. There are no human beings in this world. It is populated by fabutastic beings, namely a wide variety of animals with strange, technical or even everyday components. They move between sweet and bizarre. The protagonists Fingol and Lica are so-called Fitzlings. During their quest they are to encounter a total of more than 45 beings and exciting phenomena. They collect useful hints as well as items that are helpful for the success of their mission and can thus slowly but steadily track down the mystery that revolves around one very special quill.

The fantastic component is never neglected. Parallels to the earth (also with regard to human coexistence, equality, envy, arrogance, exploitation, climate and environment) are drawn in a playful way without pointing fingers. Fabuleon is not derived from the word fable for nothing. The joint quest brings dark secrets to light and shows that injustice does not last forever. The two protagonists develop personally and their journey welds them together.

"The Fabutastic Quest for the One and Only Quill" lays the foundation for further adventures on other continents. In addition, Fabuleon offers a playground for many side stories and expansion of what has been told so far.

Reading extract only available in German but watch out for the compositings and illustrations

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Due to the multi-layered context and a language inherent in the world, the terminology of which is easy to understand, the book is suitable for fantasy lovers, be it adults who have remained children or young people from the age of 12. The visually stunning compositings and illustrations appeal to children from 4 years of age. The content is suitable for minors but can be unsettling for the gentle mind.

Why would you support this project?

Because our fantasy book is a little special. There are no magicians and yet magical things, i.e. things that are out of this world. We don't have dragons, but Dragonflies. Fabuleon knows neither humans nor dwarfs, but dwareens and beakgnomes. In this world you look in vain for vampires, but you will find Veggimals with a very special predilection.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

When we reach our first funding level, we can ensure the publication of 1000 copies of the book with the same amount of personal contribution. If further funding levels are reached, a higher circulation would be conceivable or our own share could be significantly reduced or costs could be incurred that we have already had to date (trademark registrations, ISBN / EAN fees, license fee for Fabuleon theme, etc.).

Who are the people behind the project?

Claudi and Ingo. We have been a couple for over 14 years and share many passions. Above all, we are fascinated by playing with words, creating new ones or putting them in a different context. This playing around often results in wonderful pictures and idiosyncratic stories.

Of course, this project would not exist without our supporters. Family, friends, fans from the very beginning, test readers, Facebook & Instagram Community ... Lots of dear people played a major role in the creation process of Fabuleon. Our thank goes to all of them.

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DOCMA #97 - Fabuleon goes DOCMA

Fabuleon erhält im renommierten Magazin für Fotoretusche, Fotografie und Fotomontage DOCMA 8 Seiten - Ingo stellt vor, wie er den Bananafanten, ein Fabuleon-Wesen, erschaffen hat und Olaf Giermann interviewt beide Fabuleon-Schöpfer, Claudi & Ingo.

Badische Zeitung - Fabuleon goes Print - Teil 1

Barbara Ruda stellt in einem einseitigen Bericht in der Badischen Zeitung vom 03.06.2020 die Fabelwelt Fabuleon und die Erschaffer dieses Universums vor.

Freies Radio Wiesental - Fabuleon goes Radio

Cony Blum und ihre Sendung "Worte Tanzen Lassen" geben Fabuleon eine Plattform, damit die Schöpfer die Hörer in ein neues Universum eintauchen zu lassen.

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German Book Publication Fabuleon: Impressive Universe

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