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As non-profit association Decolonize! e.V. we support the documentary film project "Familiar Places" by Mala Reinhardt. In the film she accompanies her protagonist Akosua in front of and behind the camera to Düsseldorf, Berlin and Accra, Ghana - all places that together represent her home. And just as they themselves belong to different places, the film is a mixture of simple German documentary, Ghanaian fairy tale and Bollywood film.
6,255 €
Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt Projektberater "Magnificent how the power of the crowd became visible here."

A few more days!

Pamela Akosua T. Amponsah
Pamela Akosua T. Amponsah1 min Lesezeit

Dear all, thank you for your incredible support so far! We've almost reached our goal of 5000€ that would allow the shooting trip to Ghana!
Click on the photo to see the fantastic leaps the funding took during those last 17 days.

Familiar Places

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