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As non-profit association Decolonize! e.V. we support the documentary film project "Familiar Places" by Mala Reinhardt. In the film she accompanies her protagonist Akosua in front of and behind the camera to Düsseldorf, Berlin and Accra, Ghana - all places that together represent her home. And just as they themselves belong to different places, the film is a mixture of simple German documentary, Ghanaian fairy tale and Bollywood film.
6,255 €

Wir verschicken die Souvenirs vom Dreh!

Pamela Akosua T. Amponsah
Pamela Akosua T. Amponsah1 min Lesezeit

Dank Eurer Crowdfunding-Unterstützung konnten wir diesen Sommer nach Ghana reisen und dort für den Dokumentarfilm FAMILIAR PLACES drehen. Währenddessen haben wir auf dem Makola Market in Accra auch die Souvenirs erstanden. Alle, die dieses Crowdfunding-Dankeschön ausgewählt hatten, können sich bald auf ein Päckchen in der Post freuen!

Thanks to your crowdfunding support we were able to travel to Ghana this summer and shoot for the documentary FAMILIAR PLACES. Meanwhile, we also bought the souvenirs at the Makola Market in Accra. Everyone who had chosen this crowdfunding perk can soon look forward to a small parcel in the mail!

Familiar Places