FAMILLAND - cardgame
FAMILLAND is not only a card game! It is an intercultural city full of different characters and families! At Familland nobody is too fat, too thin, too “dark” or too… The 48 FAMILLAND’s citizens (that are living peacefully together) are part of 8 different families...or many more??? Play with them! Children (and not only) can play and have fun with the 48 FAMILLAND’s characters and match them discovering all the possible combinations.
3,560 €

Our website is ready!

Ilaria Acerbi
Ilaria Acerbi1 min Lesezeit

...we are so glad! Our new website is ready! There is much to discover and also the online shop is waiting for you and your friends. Feel you free to spread our URL...bye!!!



Ilaria Acerbi
Ilaria Acerbi1 min Lesezeit