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"When paws need a pause!" - Adventure, relaxation and fun for dogs with or without their owner. People can hand over their dogs and be sure that they are well cared for, while they can then go shopping in peace, attend medical appointments or do all kinds of errands. Whether appointments, leisure activities or even during working hours, the owner´s dog is very well looked after.
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Michael Schmidt
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Funding period 2/27/20 3:18 PM - 3/31/20 11:59 PM
Realisation bis 31.03.2020
Start level 8,250 €

With the Funding goal of 8 250 Euros, the first installment for the takeover and the deposit for the location + the Startnext fees can be financed.

Category Community
City Wien

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What is this project all about?

"Happy Hunde House" is supposed to open its doors in the 22nd Vienna district and is close to the subway, shopping mall "Donau Zentrum", etc. With such a good location we are enabling the owners to hand over their pets to us and to be able to rely on their dogs being fine, while having the opportunity to go shopping in peace, attending doctor's appointments or doing all kinds of errands. Of course you can leave your dog with us for the whole day - the times vary from a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of the end of our working hours (prices: 8 euros / hour, 15 euros / half day or 4 hours and 30 euros / full day or 8 hours. Additional services: every additional hour - 5 euros each, car pick-up and transport service for the dog from and back to home - 10 euros).

An owner wants to celebrate the dog's adoption or birthday? These dog owners will just love it at our premises! The "Happy Hunde House" can also organize a variety of celebrations, the entire room can be booked various causes. Or you can come to the numerous events that we organize. Whether dog Halloween, Christmas paw celebration, Easter egg hunt, blind dates, dog hairdressing days, quiz and bingo or film evenings with the dog - we will have something for everyone!
We want to give everyone the opportunity to socialize themselves and their dogs, as well as to have fun together if they can not regularly do so. "Happy Hunde House" is a safe haven and a little paradise for dogs and their owners. Dogs can relax or play and have fun while enjoying the family atmosphere in the indoor area, they get lots of pats, love, play and fun while I also make sure that nothing bad, any damage or contamination occurs. If somehow the collar of a dog tears during a walk or someone loses their leash, if you want to buy food, treats, toys or all sorts of things, we also have a dog goods corner where these can be bought.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Young, old, people of all religions, skin colors, nationalities, whether you speak German, English or other languages ​​- we are there for all dog owners and their dogs, who are our potential customers. We also want to give lonely, socially disadvantaged and older people the opportunity to socialize themselves and their dogs if they cannot do this regularly.

My goal is to have a satisfied customer base in the upcoming years, from which all dogs, their owners but also the city of Vienna will benefit. Many dog ​​associations are constantly looking for suitable places where they can hold their meetings and events, especially when the weather is bad or cold, and we already have some inquiries about this.

I see my company as the perfect investment because this location in the 22. district, should remain our main office in the long term. We have big plans for this idea, which will follow in the next few years. We want to start small, but "Happy Hunde House" is sure to make it big.

Why would you support this project?

I did extensive market research back in 2019, both online and at the largest pet fair in Vienna, where I was with my own stand. The need for what I want to offer is very high. The idea resonates and there is a great need for something like that, especially in the 22nd district of Vienna. The dog population of registered dogs in the Donaustadt district (22.district), according to the city of Vienna's accounting and dispensing system, is 8,567 four-legged friends in 2019 - the highest number for all of Vienna per district. The neighboring district of Floridsdorf (21.district) has 7,131 registered dogs. And we wouldn't have any competitors in this branch in such a form, we would be the first on the market with our extensive leisure and fun offer for dogs AND their owners, whether together or alone.
Precisely because we have such a wide range of offers and the "Happy Hunde House" is not only profit-oriented in terms of a market economy, but also has a social and non-profit purpose, I am sure that your support will fall into the right hands if you choose it decide to invest in us.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The required 13 250.00 Euros are needed for the following:

  • Taking over inventory from the pet shop (7000 Euros divided into 2 installments - 5000 Euros before opening + 2000 Euros afterwards)
  • Deposit for locations rent (2500 Euro)
  • Coloring and repair work, inventory acquisition and Startnext fee (2750 Euro)

With the funding threshold of 8 250 Euros, the first installment for the takeover including the deposit for the location can be financed. The additional amount raised will be invested in the second installment as well as any work and inventory that need to be done and bought.

Copies of invoices for the expenses paid for by the crowdfund community are published online, as well as the overall statement, photo documentation and the online final report. Since we will also be promoting our business in the newspapers and post videos on online platforms, the project will be very transparent. As an honorary supporter and crowdfunder, you will receive an exclusive place on the Woof of Fame on the wall in our "Happy Hunde House" and on our homepage as well as social media pages!

Who are the people behind the project?

"Happy Hunde House" will at first initially be looked after by 2 people - Anja Miletic and Sasa Radovanovic.

Anja Miletic (35 years old): Since I graduated from high school, I have worked as an Office and Event Manager, as well as an Executive Assistant in companies of various sizes, the Indian Embassy and the University of Vienna in the Rectorates office. During my education and working years, I acquired a wide range of linguistic, commercial and event design knowledge and skills. In the background, however, was always the love for the dog. From an early age I was involved in the rescue of dogs in and from Serbia, as well as the former Yugoslav states and I have always showed commitment for animal welfare. As a responsible and loving owner of my own dogs, I have acquired a lot of experience and know-how. Fortunately, I was able to make numerous contacts with other like-minded people, which I will also use for my work.
In 2019 I made the decision to try to open up the "Happy Hunde House", so that I could offer people a safe haven for their dogs and themselves, because after an event from September 2018 (a dog attacked a small child, which then died) the situation in Vienna became more and more tense regarding dogs. I would like to respond to the wishes of the customers. I would also love to fulfill my dream of having my own shop and working independently from employers. My strengths lie in my extensive knowledge of and love for dogs, varied language skills and the pleasure of organizing events, celebrations, etc. I am also a very sociable person who seeks to talk and interact with people and customers, who enjoys being close to and around dogs and also thinks and acts in a service-oriented manner. I believe that because of my education and training, my professional experience and my reliable nature I am quite capable to run my own company and face any challenges. I am not quickly discouraged by failures. I look for alternatives and analyze the reasons why something has failed. My cancer diagnosis years back provided me with a new perspective on life. I took my two dogs - Mini and Miki (rescued from a killing asylum) as therapy dogs for me personally. They do this so successfully that I can, without any shame say, that they are jointly responsible for the fact that I am still alive and full of courage to fight through life for my children and my husband, whos active support I have in this regard.

Sasa Radovanovic (46 years old): When I returned to Serbia from Germany, where I was born, at the age of eight, I spent my entire childhood in nature, in a rural household and in contact with all types of household and wildlife animals. Here I learned to love and respect nature, especially dogs, because I was surrounded by them, and this love and respect continued to this day. After high school, I served a year in military service, where I also completed training as a dog handler. After my return from the army I went to the Philological University in Belgrade and studied English and German. Constantly bound to nature, I turned my hobby of working with natural stone into a profession in 1994. Hence my great experience with any construction work. And of course I was surrounded by dogs and other types of animals my whole life. Since I've also been a singer for over 20 years, this led to a very good development of communication skills with people. The experience I have in almost all areas of life can be put into everyday practice and would hence be very suitable for this project. For this reason, I would like to make my contribution to my wife's idea in every respect, whether in the maintenance of the location as its caretaker or as a dog sitter, because I am versatile and the best man for the job.

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