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The hejhej-bag is the first closed-loop yoga bag. With hejhej-mats we have already created the first closed-loop yoga mat. We have done everything in our power to make the hejhej-bag closed-loop as well. The hejhej-bag is made off recycled materials and is recyclable. The bag embodies two products in one: The strap is easily detachable from the bag and can be used for your yoga practice. The entire production takes place in Germany and in cooperation with people with a handicap.
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Anna Souvignier
Anna Souvignier1 min Lesezeit

hej hej,
unsere Crowdfunding Kampagne läuft noch 6 Tage und es sind nur noch 8 Early Bird Specials unserer hejhej-bag übrig. Daher möchten wir dich hier also erinnern, dass du dir noch schnell die letzten Deals für 79€ (inklusive Versand) sichern kannst. In der Zukunft wird unsere hejhej-bga 89€ zzgl. Versand kosten.
Gemeinsam mit dir können wir dir Yogaindustrie revolutionieren!

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