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Impact Hub Berlin
Are there wicked problems to be solved? Yes. Are there people with innovative ideas? Yes. Do people put these ideas into action? Sometimes. Enter Impact Hub Berlin. In the last year, have we… created a space for people to collaborate? Yes. helped turn ideas into action? Yes. tasted success and learned from failure? Yes. And now, are we… ready to take impact to the next level? YES able to achieve our vision alone? NOPE. counting on your support? ABSO-F246-LUTELY. More Space for Impact.
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About this project

Funding period 3/25/15 5:49 PM - 4/24/15 11:59 PM
Realisation Until end of June 2015
Start level 25,000 €
Category Social Business
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

We bet you’ve had at least one idea that could have changed the world. So, did you actually make it happen? Or is it still echoing at the back of your head? We know the world won’t get better by itself. And yet, so many ideas just don’t see the light of day. Imagine what society would look like (and how you’d feel), if we all pursued ideas we believe in. Phenomenal, right?

What do you need to make your idea happen? Obviously, a lot more than just wi-fi, your kitchen table and your Uncle Oswald’s advice.

What if you could have a professional workspace to invest time and energy on ideas that matter to you? What if you had access to relevant events to boost your skills and grow your network? While family and friends are a great plus, what if you could plug in and collaborate with an inspiring global community?

Does this sound like what you need? Well, it’s called Impact Hub Berlin – and it’s happening!

Over the last year, we bootstrapped our way to set up a small space in Berlin-Neukölln from scratch. We learned what it takes to make your idea happen and have a positive impact. We found out what a space needs to encourage you to help others and others to help you.

We grew a community of social innovators, entrepreneurs, students, artists, freelancers, researchers, small start-ups and big organisations.

We organised events, designed workshops, curated spaces for stakeholders to swap stories and share ideas, facilitated hackathons, and converted unsuspecting students into bold entrepreneurs.

We collaborated with various partners, ranging from Climate-KIC, HPI School of Design Thinking, BMW Stiftung, The US Embassy Berlin, Center for Internet & Human Rights, bgründet!, The Changer, Boston Consulting Group and many more. By working across sectors, we’ve started to create a diverse and inclusive ecosystem for change-makers in Berlin.

So, what’s next? It’s time to scale – our space, our community, and our impact.

Welcome to Friedrichstrasse 246 (#F246). We’ve signed the lease, it’s six times bigger, seven U-bahns more central, ten times more beautiful. You are going to love it. The best part: we are co-creating the space with our community and an outstanding team of architects.

We are catering for different needs and work styles: a louder, dynamic area to meet and mingle; a separate focus room to get into the zone, state-of-the-art meeting rooms to impress your investors; a playful workshop room to prototype your ideas; a huge events space to connect and learn and a fun, community kitchen.

Still reading? Yes - expect a library, a chill out area including a nap hideout, skype booths (on wheels) and an urban garden on our terrace for summer (yes Berlin, it does exist).

No doubt, it will tickle your fancy. Impact Hub Berlin will be a melting pot of ideas to move towards a more just and sustainable economy… and a place where Uncle Oswald would not just come visit you to have tea and a Stulle, but become a change maker himself.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

People and organisations who solve complex, pressing social problems through entrepreneurial means inspire us. They have the courage to go the extra mile and explore how things can be done differently – they prove you can do good and do well at the same time. This project is for them.

Our vision: Pioneer a just and sustainable economy.

Our approach: Create an ecosystem of professionals who make changing the world for the better their everyday business.

We put our money where our mouth is. We decided to prototype our ideas and get started. We are now ready to grow our space, our ideas, our community and our impact.

What will be different? Growing bigger means we’ll have more space for:

  • Offices that anchor mature social start-ups, researchers, and innovation departments into our ecosystem.
  • Different working zones to explore new ways of collaboration.
  • Prominent event spaces to inspire and connect people.

Together with you, we can create this multidisciplinary and versatile workspace that is the foundation for a vibrant community of change-makers who pave the way to a more sustainable and just society. Come, be part of this movement!

Why would you support this project?

We all have ideas that could change the world. As you may know, pursuing them is a whole different story... Yet, the world won’t get better by itself. Do you care about shaping a better future? Do you have an idea that you want to make happen? Do you want to tap into an inspiring community that actively shapes a better future? Did you say yes at least once? Welcome on board - you share our vision. Let’s create a workspace that becomes a melting pot for ideas and people!

While helping us build this collaborative space and enabling us to open our doors in June 2015, you empower a movement of change-makers who will pioneer change and have a positive impact in Berlin and beyond.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

In order to grow this diverse ecosystem of change-makers that will create positive impact, we need a suitable professional workspace, which leverages collaboration and ideas to happen. To make this happen we don’t just need passion, humour, and resilience. We also need money. That’s why we want you to become part of Impact Hub Berlin – every drop of support matters.

With the money that we aim to raise, we will be able to:

  • Build a professional, vibrant and inspiring workspace (amazing interiors and facilities) for our space that we are co-creating with our community and our architects.
  • Open our doors in June 2015 and get started.
  • Establish a scholarship fund to empower people with more ideas (and less money) to become change-makers and solve wicked problems.

Together we can work on making the world better, today.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are Anna Lässer, Leon Reiner, Nele Kapretz, Martin Hobler and Vishal Jodhani.

Leon has the hots for social, Anna for innovation, Nele for sustainability, Martin for business, and Vishal for entrepreneurship. Our diverse backgrounds are complementary and we believe in driving innovation through collaboration. We’re all hooked on to Impact Hub Berlin and are putting our passion, credibility, time and money into it. We’ve got all it takes and we also know, it’ll take all we’ve got!

Our members are at the core of what we do. They have the courage to redefine success and aim for meaningful and relevant impact. From education to climate change; from ethical finance to film making, from providing tools to combat eating disorder to building sustainable housing in South Africa, our members are prototyping the future of business.

So far our journey has been a steep learning curve. We pulled off the small space in Berlin-Neukölln, grew our community to over 50+ members, enabled innovation through collaboration, delivered workshops all over Germany, held events with people from across different sectors, held keynotes here and there, and signed the lease of #F246. We are ready to continue to learn and to make Impact Hub Berlin happen big time – together with our community, and of course, together with you.

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