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Whydah, the new sailing vessel of the German Youth Movement
„If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
42,733 €
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 Whydah, the new sailing vessel of the German Youth Movement
 Whydah, the new sailing vessel of the German Youth Movement
 Whydah, the new sailing vessel of the German Youth Movement
 Whydah, the new sailing vessel of the German Youth Movement
 Whydah, the new sailing vessel of the German Youth Movement

About this project

Funding period 10/7/14 2:46 PM - 11/16/14 11:59 PM
Realisation Autumn 2014 till spring 2015
Start level 15,000 €
Category Community
City Paderborn

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What is this project all about?

Dear friends of sailing, boy scouts, girl scouts, members of the youth movement,
dear friends, relatives, supporters and interested people!

We need a new ship and therefore, your help!

For 45 years, many generations of children and youths sailed the oceans on the brigantine Falado von Rhodos. With and on her, they discovered Swedish fjords and Caribbean islands, experienced storms and calms, steered sedulously through rain and sang songs sitting in her crow's nest. They jumped from the highest yard arm and dove under her, they lived on and with the Falado and she grew on them.

The Falado provided all groups of the youth movement* from Germany and beyond with the possibility for adventures and sailing of the seas. Over the years, thousands of young people became sailors, lived within nature, made friends for life and lived to see unrivalled adventures – all the while remaining self-determined and in their own responsibility.

As many of you know, our precious Falado sank on the 9th of August last year off the Icelandic coast. Thereupon, a phrase was released to the Falado homepage which expresses and emphasises what the Falado meant to many: “To us, she is more than a navigable vehicle, carrying us from one place to another. She is a being, which over time developed a soul.

All these incomparable adventures are not to become lost and fade to mere memories. The generations of children and youths to come need to gain their own experience. Therefore, the members of the groups in the Falado association have decided to buy a new ship: the English schooner Whydah of Bristol.

The Whydah of Bristol was built in 2000 as a gaff schooner with a steel hull, wooden deck and two wooden masts. Her first viewing already had the hearts of Falado sailors beating faster. She's a ship that awakens the yearning for wind and waves even when lying in port.
People of different groups connected to the Falado committed time and effort to a thourough search for a new ship. Among those ships considered to be in accordance with our objective criteria such as length and on-board safety, the Whydah immediately and even without alterations stuck out as the one ship already very close to our idea of a youth ship – inviting in for adventures and yarn.

To set sail again, we need about 160.000 €. So far, we have accumulated about three-fourths of that amount in donations and loans from friends and supporters of the Falado and we go on collecting across all channels concurrently.

Dear water rats, scouts and friends! Everyone who sailed and loved the Falado, who want to support us in pursuing our dream, who want to roam the oceans with us or who simply believe it is important and great that youths receive this opportunity, please help us!
So that in the end we will be able to say: This ship belongs to all of us.

We count on your support.

On behalf of the Falado Crowdfunding Team
All the best, a good trip always and ever six inches of water under your keel

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is a new vessel for new generations of scouts and young people.

Why would you support this project?

With your contribution you enable young people experience what today they might not even dream about. Countless songs, stories, pictures and tales that originate from the old Falado prove this.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

With your support, we can raise the Whydah as the new platform of the youth movement. The larger the amount, the faster we can not only and finally buy the ship and pay back the loans, but also make those alterations needed to turn the ship even safer and more comfortable.

Apart from monetary donations, we also greatly welcome loans and donations in kind. For example, we still require a radar and chart plotter, lifejackets and lifebelts, davits to carry the dinghy, an affordable spot in a harbour in German waters and so on. If you can help there, please feel free to contact us directly!

Who are the people behind the project?

Since the foundation of the association Brigantine Falado von Rhodos gem. e. V. decades ago, its members have committed themselves to create an exceptional place for youth groups and their journeys. Aiming for this, the ship is supposed to be at their disposal as a place of encounter and experience. All the groups sailing on the ship and originating in different orientations of the youth movement take an active part in sustaining the ship and the association. As voting members, they take on the responsibility for all decisions.


Project updates

7/14/15 - Ab sofort kannst Du Deiner crowdgefundeten...

Ab sofort kannst Du Deiner crowdgefundeten Whydah immer live auf der Seekarte folgen:

11/17/14 - Du bist zu spät dran? Wir benötigen Deine...

Du bist zu spät dran? Wir benötigen Deine Hilfe trotzdem! Die Whydah muss ausgerüstet und umgebaut werden. Du darfst gerne auf unser Konto oder per Paypal spenden:

Brigantine Falado von Rhodos gem. e. V.
Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold
Konto: 5066972, BLZ: 47650130
IBAN: DE95476501300005066972

Sende die Spende an [email protected] oder über den Link:

10/24/14 - Die Projektvorstellung im Stile der Sendung...

Die Projektvorstellung im Stile der Sendung mit der Maus, schönen Impressionen und Musik der Heckenkapelle des Laninger Wandervogels findest Du unter:

Des Weiteren habe ich die teuersten drei Dankeschöns im Preis reduziert und im Sinne des Crowdfundings das 1 EUR Dankeschön eingeführt (viele Menschen bewirken mit einer winzigen Beteiligung Großes!).

Und jeder kann natürlich auch wie gehabt einen freien Betrag gegen Spendenquittung wählen.

Support now 


Unser Pyrotechnik Sponsor

Die Firma Theater & Show Effekte GmbH aus Bielefeld spendet für die neue Whydah die nötigen Seenotsignalmittel wie Handfackeln, Rauchkörper und Fallschirmsignale.

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Whydah, the new sailing vessel of the German Youth Movement

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