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Kiron University offers world class academic degrees for refugees. Anytime, Anywhere, Tuition-Free. Our vision is not just to overcome the obstacles refugees face to access higher education, but to build a better, more individual-centered university for their needs - regardless of their documents. Kiron creates hope for a better future through education.
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Markus Kreßler
Markus Kreßler1 min Lesezeit

In the life of an average student, there are many ups and downs - from meeting inspiring people to trying to cram a year‘s worth of knowledge in the week before the exam. However, when we have a pretty much unrestricted access to education, we tend to forget the positive aspects and concentrate on the downsides. But there are obstacles that are more serious than the average dose of university bureaucracy and less-than-appetizing cafeteria meals. For refugees, not many university gates are wide open. The reasons are plentiful: the flight from war means interruption in schooling and prospecitive careers. It‘s difficult to start over in the country of arrival, when most documents necessary for admission are often left behind. The refugee status itself can also be an obstacle on the way to higher education. We at Kiron know that the energy should not be spend only on bureaucracy and try to give an easy access to those, who don't have an easy life. with the hashtag #edu4refugees we spread our word and today we already can give out 125 scholarships, Thanks to your donations. Lets not give up at this point and keep the good work up!

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