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Kiron University offers world class academic degrees for refugees. Anytime, Anywhere, Tuition-Free. Our vision is not just to overcome the obstacles refugees face to access higher education, but to build a better, more individual-centered university for their needs - regardless of their documents. Kiron creates hope for a better future through education.
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Thanks for this amazing kick off!

Markus Kreßler
Markus Kreßler1 min Lesezeit

Dear supporters and friends of Kiron,

the first week of our crowdfunding campaign comes to an end this weekend and it is time for a big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed. In this short period, we have raised more than €90.000 and gained over 500 friends and more than 400 supporters.

Media also seems to like our project, and of course we don´t want to miss the chance to show off some of our latest media outcome as well. So take a look at these articles if you want to find out more about our project.!5226525/

Let´s keep this great support going! Please spread the word to all of your friends and family and stay tuned for further news here on startnext or on our various social media channels.

Thank you so much,
your Kiron University Team

Kiron University