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Kuchentratsch - Delicious cakes made with love by grannies
Kuchentratsch is a contact point in the form of a bakery for elderly persons that love to bake. Our grannies come with the passion to bake cakes, to tattle, to get to know new people and with the possibility to supplement their pension. The delicious cakes are sold to individuals, businesses, foundations and coffee shops so that everyone can benefit from these cakes made with love. Be part of our next step – our own bakery in the heart of Munich especially designed to serve the seniors' needs
24,630 €
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 Kuchentratsch - Delicious cakes made with love by grannies
 Kuchentratsch - Delicious cakes made with love by grannies
 Kuchentratsch - Delicious cakes made with love by grannies
 Kuchentratsch - Delicious cakes made with love by grannies
 Kuchentratsch - Delicious cakes made with love by grannies

About this project

Funding period 2/16/15 11:09 AM - 4/23/15 11:59 PM
Realisation April/Mai 2015
Start level 23,000 €
Category Social Business
City München

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What is this project all about?

Due to the growing number of elderly people, and increasing poverty and loneliness among them seniors are more and more in the focus of our societal relations. Thanks to our bakery, we counteract this tendency actively. We offer elderly people an activity they love to do - baking cakes -, the possibility to be together with other people, the chance of having a permanent task and the occasion to supplement their pension.
Our business model has already been tested successfully in Munich. Since June 2014, we are baking once a week in a rented, inoperative canteen kitchen. With more than 3400 eggs, 270kg flour and 6720 minutes of tattling we already baked more than 600 “granny cakes”. Thanks to an increasing demand of customers and elderly people, we know that we can start for real now. The first step is our own bakery in Munich – equipped for the seniors’ needs.
Therefore we need your help: Renovation, baking equipment such as mixers, ovens, mobile baking stations for our grannies – it comes with huge expenses. Every Euro helps us to adequately furnish the bakery, to offer the grannies a nice working environment and thus to bake delicious cakes for you.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is to reduce poverty and loneliness among elderly people. Once we’re firmly established in Munich, we will implement our concept in other major cities in Germany in order to get closer to our vision of creating innovative contact points for elderly people across Germany.
Kuchentratsch targets all elderly people who love to bake, who enjoy being amongst people and who want to supplement their pension.
Consumers of the cakes are, on the one hand, individuals like you and I who plan a nice coffee tattle with friends, a birthday or a family party. On the other hand, we have B2B customers such as businesses, foundations and coffee shops that want to surprise their customers and employees with a self-made cake-catering. Currently, our delivery area is limited to Munich. Due to the huge amount of demand from other cities, our plan is to quickly open up new Kuchentratsch branches in Stuttgart and Hamburg.

Why would you support this project?

Everyone has to deal with the issue of poverty and loneliness amongst elderly people. Sometimes through personal experiences, sometimes through a family member or neighbours. If you like our Idea and want our concept to be spread across Germany with contact points for you and your families – our project is just right for you!
With your support we can renovate our new bakery, adapt to seniors’ needs so that our grannies have the perfect conditions to tattle, lough and bake. Help us to offer elderly people a point of contact where they feel comfortable and where they love to spend their time.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Currently we bake once or twice a week in an inoperative, cold and joyless canteen kitchen that we sublet for a lot of money. Now the time has come for the next step: our own bakery adapted to the needs of our seniors.

With 35.000€…
When reaching the funding goal of 35.000€ we are able to entirely renovate our bakery and buy the needed equipment like chairs, mixing bowls, ovens, etc. Each granny is going to get her own little baking station in order to have everything ready for the perfect cake. In addition, we need a small van as we are currently delivering the cakes with our cargo bike, regardless of the weather conditions.

With 65.000€ and more...
When we reach more than 35.000€ we can equip the baking stations with height adjustable hydraulics that facilitates baking for our grannies. With this feature, one working place costs 800€. In addition, we can work on the scaling of our business model. Amongst the demand for further bakeries in Germany, there is also a high request for jam and other granny sweets.

Here is a glimpse of everything we need to finance with the collected money (besides the renovation) so that you can imagine what we will do with your money:

Kitchen Appliances:

  • 10 ovens for 700,00€ each
  • 2 refrigerators for 700,00€ each
  • 1 freezer for 1.000,00€
  • 1 combi steamer for 2.500,00€
  • 1 dish washer for 2.500€
  • 1 microwave for 160,00€

Baking accessoires:

  • 10 hand mixer for 60,00€ each
  • 4 kitchen machines for 250,00€ each
  • 2 mixers for 35,00€ each
  • 20 bowls for 15,00€ each

Plus whisks, patulas, pots, pans, cutting boards, knives, lemon squeezers and everything else the grannies need to bake their delicious cakes.

Bakery equipment:

  • 10 individual worktables for 400,00€ each
  • 10 shelves for 150,00€ each
  • 1 big worktable for 250,00€
  • 1 sales counter for 1.500,00€

And for the tattling after the baking sessions:

  • 4 armchairs for 150,00€ each
  • 6 chairs for 60,00€ each
  • 1 table for the tea kitchen for 150,00€
  • 1 coffee machine for 100,00€

Delivery vehicle so that we can deliver the cakes efficiently:

  • 1 delivery vehicle for 12.000€

Approx. 30 percent of the revenue are for the rewards, fees and commissions.

Who are the people behind the project?

The founders of the project “Kuchentratsch” are Katharina Mayer and Katrin Blaschke. We met during our studies in Innsbruck where Katharina did her Bachelor’s degree in Non-profit, Social and Health Management and Katrin in Management, Communication and IT.
Both of us have a very close relationship with our grannies and we see that they are often alone at home although they are still fit. Katharina got the idea to sell pastries from family members during a trip to Brazil where this is a long going tradition. Back in Germany we both agreed that grannies make the best cake in the world, so we had the idea of Kuchentratsch. Since then, we had many amusing but at the same time instructional hours with our grannies. Our heart always jumps when one of our grannies opens the oven a picks up a wonderful cake and looks at it with her sparkling eyes.

Support now 


BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt

The BMW foundation inspires and supports people to stand up for the common good and a sustainable society. Besides regular cake orders for events, the BMW foundation supports us through its function as a multiplier and with its network.

Scholarship Social Impact Start

The social impact start scholarship supports social start-ups in the early and start-up phase of their social innovative business ideas. Thanks to this scholarship, we got a working space in the Impact HUB Munich. Furthermore, we got individual coaching, professional consulting and mentoring.

Impact HUB Munich

The team of the Impact HUB Munich is one of our sparring and coaching partner as part of our scholarship Social Impact Start. We are enthusiastic fans of the HUB community and have our working place here when we need to do some office works.

Kuchentratsch - Delicious cakes made with love by grannies

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