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Atchooo... Ama did catch a virus. And it moved right up into her motor. To create fluffy art and music events again together, and to also pimp Ama up to be more ecologically sustainable, I need your help!
1,004 €
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 Art in a Firetruck
 Art in a Firetruck
 Art in a Firetruck
 Art in a Firetruck
 Art in a Firetruck

About this project

Funding period 5/12/22 5:35 PM - 7/10/22 11:59 PM
Realisation Summer Season 2022
Start level 952 €

The most relevant is surgery is financed: The repair of the motor. After that, we can drive around the world again. But wasn't there something else??

Category Art
City Siehdichum

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What is this project all about?

Ama and me, we are a heart-driven team. Who we are? Ama is the older one, has been serving as a firetruck for many years, were supposed to become an ice truck but then she met me.

Together we created fluffy concerts under the name "Wolkenflausch", did book other artists and created cosy landscapes, transported art from A to B and sometimes we moved our rolling design studio right into nature.

And then there was the year when our camshaft did give up. And now we know: The whole Motor has to be repaired. And that's gonna be expensive.

Maybe a good point in time, to become more eco-friendly? And to switch to Gas and Solar? Together we can make it happen!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is to finally enter the country roads of the world again as a mobile studio and stage, to create music and arts for you. And to also share our adventures in an online channel.

Maybe you know us already, visited one of our concerts, did dream and delight yourself and kept an unforgettable memory. Or you are new in our universe, curious and excited about the art that's gonna be crafted in our mobile workshop.

Why would you support this project?

You love oldtimers, piano and ambient music, a playful living, modern fairytales and character- and interior design? Or just one of them? Then you arrived just at the right place!

I love to widen my fluffy community with you. My main mission: bring beauty to the world. And that across genders, divers, welcoming to all beings who mingle here in this world.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The money flows in the repair and ecological footprint of Ama. Should we skyrocket with the campaign and collect way more than necessary, you would not only gift me with a healthy firetruck bff, but also the time I can spend with her to create new tracks and artwork and to let you be part of it. And of course with a new interior and in the best case even a new skin for Ama.

And who knows, maybe I play one or the other pop up concert with the Wolkenflausch - Gang in your area or via live stream?

Who are the people behind the project?

Ama and me! But we wouldn't be who we are if not for all our supporters, fans, clients, friends, muses and bookers as well as artists, who we book ourselves.

Together we create a network that is driven by kindness, diversity, fun and love for our creations. We are always happy to expand our circle.

And we are happy about your support. Feel welcome to share our campaign. Because together everything is more fluffy and lovely.

Yours, Laura and AMA!

Fluffy concerts for oldtimer fans, creative dreamers and doers, art lovers, collectors and colorful spirits. For more phantasy on our paths!
This project has been awarded by the Startnext VI Vielfaltoskop.
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Project updates

6/24/22 - Wir haben einen wertigen gebrauchten Motor...

Wir haben einen wertigen gebrauchten Motor gefunden! Dadurch reduzieren sich die Kosten um ein Vielfaches. Es gibt eine neue Staffelung:

Kauf Motor 952 €
Reperatur < 800 €
Umbau ECO < 5200€
= 6952 € für alles anstatt nur die Reperaturkosten!

Let's Go! THX!

We have found a used engine of good value! This will reduce the cost many times. There is a new scale:

Purchase engine 952 €
Repair < 800 €
Conversion ECO < 5200€
= 6952 € for everything instead of just the repair costs!

6/21/22 - Life is life! Und in meinem Leben kamen gerade...

Life is life! Und in meinem Leben kamen gerade viele Überraschungen auf mich zu. Die Bookings gingen nach zwei ruhigen Jahren wieder los, ich darf wunderbare Musik komponieren für digitale Kampagnen, und auch ansonsten war neben der Crowdfundingkampagne viel los! Um nochmal ein bisschen Liebe und Raum hineinzugeben, habe ich mich in Absprache mit Startnext dazu entschieden, die Laufzeit um einen Monat zu verlängern. Ich freue mich über Rückenwind und Sonnenschein, und eure Unterstützung. Danke!

Life is life! And in my life there were a lot of surprises coming up. Bookings started again after two quiet years, I get to compose wonderful music for digital campaigns, and otherwise there was a lot going on besides the crowdfunding campaign! To add some more love and space, I decided in consultation with Startnext to extend the term by one month. I'm glad for the tailwind and sunshine, and your support. Thank you!

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1D2B - Digitale Projekte und Consulting

Seit fast einem Jahr ist Dani nun schon an meiner organisatorischen Seite. Hat Struktur ins magische Chaos gebracht und geholfen, nicht nur meine Kunst in die Welt zu bringen, sondern auch Projekte wie diese voranzutreiben. Meine wärmste Empfehlung!

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Art in a Firetruck

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