Crowdfunding since 2010

Help us, to bring AMA back on track. For fluffy concerts, art, modern fairytales and more fantasy on our paths.

Atchooo... Ama did catch a virus. And it moved right up into her motor. To create fluffy art and music events again together, and to also pimp Ama up to be more ecologically sustainable, I need your help!
Funding period
5/12/22 - 7/10/22
Summer Season 2022
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): 952 €

The most relevant is surgery is financed: The repair of the motor. After that, we can drive around the world again. But wasn't there something else??

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1D2B - Digitale Projekte und Consulting

Seit fast einem Jahr ist Dani nun schon an meiner organisatorischen Seite. Hat Struktur ins magische Chaos gebracht und geholfen, nicht nur meine Kunst in die Welt zu bringen, sondern auch Projekte wie diese voranzutreiben. Meine wärmste Empfehlung!

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