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Did you know that women provide up to 70% of labour in coffee production, work 15 hours a day on the fields and still do not have access to education or funding? Kyaffe Farmers Coffee changes that. We empower women in coffee growing. Female farmers benefit from fair prices for their Robusta green coffee, which is roasted, packaged and sold by us. From the proceeds, they receive trainings and an improved infrastructure to acquire the knowledge and environment necessary for a self-determined life.
11,217 €
30,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
 Kyaffe Farmers Coffee: Strong Women. Strong Coffee.
 Kyaffe Farmers Coffee: Strong Women. Strong Coffee.
 Kyaffe Farmers Coffee: Strong Women. Strong Coffee.
 Kyaffe Farmers Coffee: Strong Women. Strong Coffee.


Funding period 11/19/19 7:10 AM o'clock - 12/31/19 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period January to December 2020
Funding goal 9,000 €

With 9,000€ we can professionalise infrastructure and coffee sales, and thus pay fair prices to more women farmers and make further training possible.

2nd Funding goal 30,000 €

With a further 21,000€ we can carry out the long-awaited organic certification and gain more influence in the German coffee market.

Category Social Business
City Tübingen
What is this project all about?


In Uganda, about two thirds of the population work in agriculture, where women account for up to 70% of coffee production with an average working day of 15 hours. But they suffer severe structural disadvantages.
They work in the fields, while the men are mostly responsible for selling and transporting the coffee and managing finances. To secure their own field, female farmers often lack financing opportunities and social support based on traditional role concepts.
And even if they have managed to become self-employed, the female farmers are often denied essential training opportunities and are dependent on middlemen to sell their coffee - for 1 US dollar per kilogram of green coffee.

Our approach

The vision of Kyaffe Farmers Coffee is to help women farmers of all ages to lead a self-determined life.
To achieve this, we pursue a three-part strategy:

1) Fair prices
for a secure income

The 120 women farmers in our Kyaffe Community currently receive fair prices for their organically grown Robusta coffee: 2 to 3 US dollar per kilogram of green coffee.
Currently, 120 households with more than 600 children benefit from the income from over 5,000 kg of coffee per year. Fair payment offers them a decent life - instead of being dependent on middlemen, they are part of an empowering community.

2) Further education
for high-quality production and self-employment

So far, we have been able to offer our farmers thirteen professional training courses: from advice on sustainable agriculture and the latest cultivation methods to financial education and leadership training. What is traditionally reserved for men, our female coffee farmers have access to.
The educational measures in turn lead to very concrete joint projects, such as three new Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs), in which women pool their savings independently of a bank to create their own source of credit independently of their husbands.

3) Infrastructure development
for sustainable growth

We already managed to acquire three hectares of land in the heart of Mpigi, which corresponds to an area of more than four football pitches. With that we have created a community place since the woman already like to gather there. In the future, we also want to bundle our core activities at this location. The coffee of our female farmers is to be processed, dried and packaged there. Volunteers and employees will be able to live there centrally.
Our sales proceeds are always invested in such a way that they benefit the entire community directly or indirectly. For example, our solar system is the only source of electricity for the entire community. In addition, we are expanding the local health and water supply.

What makes us special

Kyaffe Farmers Coffee is the result of the desire to change that our 25-year-old founder Elizabeth put into practice: an Ugandan social business for the empowerment of female coffee farmers. She grew up with her single mother who was a coffee farmer, along with her other six siblings. She knows how women and families suffer from dependence on middlemen. Kyaffe's vision does not come from international organisations or foreign NGOs.
Instead, Liz and her team are driving a sustainable change in the position of female coffee farmers - from the heart of the Mpigi communities, with respect for culture and local practices.

Strong Women. Strong Coffee.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?


  • A self-determined life with equal rights
  • for women farmers by providing financial opportunities and infrastructure, imparting expertise and promoting personal skills.
  • Promoting organic farming
  • of our Robusta coffee for a sustainable, future-oriented agriculture, which we want to verify through organic certification.
  • Help more women
  • because in and around Mpigi there are more than 10,000 women farmers of whom only 120 have found their way to us.

Target group:
We are deliberately focusing on female coffee farmers in Mpigi, Uganda, as they are systematically disadvantaged, especially in rural areas. Here there is still an obsolete system of gender roles, according to which women often have to subordinate their wishes and plans for the future to their male relatives or husbands.

Why would you support this project?

“Because when you lift up women, you lift up humanity."
We act according to this quote by Melinda Gates.

Just 20€ more for our crowdfunding means that one more woman in 2020 will be able to sell us her year’s harvest at fair prices.

Helping women in Uganda to achieve equal opportunities and equal rights not only changes their lives, but also those of their children, entire families and communities.

At Kyaffe, we do not only provide our female coffee farmers with a supporting environment of financial security and personal development. Much more, the women themselves are driving the change forward. By experiencing empowerment, equal rights and mutual solidarity, they gradually inspire entire communities with their new strength.

It does not only matter to you that your morning cup of coffee tastes good, but you also want to be aware of its social and environmental impact - then you should support us right now.
Because with your help we can sustainably promote this dynamic. So that there is more fair trade coffee locally in Uganda and internationally in Germany.

Support us to give the women in Uganda a self-determined life!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Until the end of 2020, with 9,000€ we can

  • buy at least 10,000 kg of green coffee per year, twice as much as in 2019, at fair prices from our farmers
  • fill at least 150 supermarkets and 500 small shops throughout Uganda with our Robusta coffee
  • offer at least 7 additional trainings for female farmers in the settlements around our site


  • applying for a license from the Uganda National Bureau of Standards, which gives us the potential to sell our coffee in every shop in Uganda.
  • purchasing our first van. Currently we only buy green coffee from women farmers within a radius of 3 kilometers. Thanks to your support, we can also reach farmers in remote areas and become permanent suppliers to supermarkets and shops in large parts of Uganda, with whom we have already made agreements.
  • attract experienced lecturers with specialist knowledge of cultivation methods, sustainable agriculture and personal development to our training courses.

With further 21,000€ we will also be able to

  • carry out the long-awaited organic certification, which officially confirms our commitment and gives us access to a larger German market through cooperation with organic markets.
  • conduct a German online marketing campaign and intensify sales to Germany.
  • expand the infrastructure of our site by improving the drinking water supply and building shelters for additional employees and volunteers.
Who are the people behind the project?

We are a diverse, international team of enthusiastic young people. In Mpigi, Uganda, Kyaffe Farmers Coffee is run by three energetic young women with roots in coffee cultivation, supported by volunteers from the University of Tübingen, Germany.

Kyaffe's commitment was also supported and honored by the Obama Foundation Leader Africa 2018, the Social Innovation Academy (SINA) and the NGO StartHub Africa in Kampala, as well as the British Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation.

For a long time, our founder Liz wanted to support the women farmers in her community with fair prices and further education. But she herself lacked the necessary knowledge. Thanks to a scholarship from the Social Innovation Academy (SINA), she graduated with a diploma in Business Administration from the Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development. In 2017 she finally founded Kyaffe Farmers Coffee.

Since then, however, she has been able to inspire many more for her great project. In the heart of Mpigi, Allen, an expert in coffee production, and Maya, Business Development Advisor, continue to develop Kyaffe Farmers Coffee.

The Social Business also receives support from Germany. Members of the Social Entrepreneurship Initiative Enactus Tübingen e.V. and the student consultancy InOne Consult e.V. help on a voluntary basis to gain a larger influence in the German coffee market. Michel and Sabrina help Kyaffe in acquiring financial support for further development, while Judith, Pia, David and Ulrike organise import, marketing and sales through their initiative Mbele in Germany.

Project updates


Geschafft! Wir möchten euch herzlich für die letzten 42 Tage danken: 11.217€ von 108 Unterstützer*innen, das ist unglaublich!

Wir kümmern uns nun darum, dass das Geld so schnell wie möglich ausbezahlt wird und ihr eure Dankeschöns erhaltet.
Spätestens im Februar dürft ihr euch über leckeren Kaffee aus Uganda und wunderschöne Tassen freuen.

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Aber jetzt geht es weiter: uns bleiben noch 10 Tage.
Jeder zusätzliche Euro gibt uns 2020 noch bessere Möglichkeiten, hunderten Frauen mehr ein selbstbestimmtes Leben zu ermöglichen.
Schließlich wollen wir nicht nur in Uganda die Strukturen ausbauen. Lasst uns gemeinsam noch mehr erreichen!


Ein Drittel ist geschafft! Bis zum Ende des Jahres bleiben uns noch 30 Tage - und jeder Tag zählt, damit noch mehr Menschen von Kyaffe Farmers Coffee erfahren.

Bei einem Glühwein auf dem Christkindlsmarkt, beim gemeinsamen Plätzchenbacken oder der nächsten Weihnachtsfeier findet ihr bestimmt ein paar Minuten und den richtigen Gesprächspartner. Nutzt also die Chance und begeistert Freunde, Kollegen und Familie von Starken Frauen & Starkem Kaffee!


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Ihr habt uns den perfekten Start ins Crowdfunding beschehrt!

Erzählt es weiter, begeistert eure Freunde & Familien, damit wir unser Ziel von über 9.000€ schon bald erreichen können!
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Obama Foundation Leader Africa 2018

Every year, the Obama Foundation honors innovative changemakers who will drive positive change in their communities, on the continent of Africa and around the world. 2018 our founder Elizabeth Nalugemwa was one of them.

StartHub Africa

StartHub Africa is creating the first action-oriented entrepreneurship ecosystem across African universities, starting in Kampala, Uganda. Kyaffe Farmers Coffee is part of the empowering social entrepreneurship community.

Enactus Tübingen e.V.

Enactus Tübingen e.V. is the Social Entrepreneurship Initiative of the University of Tübingen, Germany. Kyaffe Farmers Coffee collaborates with the young entrepreneurs for a successful Ugandan-German trade cooperation.

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