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Hey, sweethearts, it’s me, Malonda! As a musician I am passionate about diva pop with grand gestures, as a Black activist I fight an intersectional fight against racism and sexism. My debut album is funded by the “Initiative Musik” - now it's time for the next milestone. In order to be able to make great music videos and to present my stories as a complete work to you, I need support. 8000€ is sufficient to produce four music videos - in return, you receive good karma and even better art. Deal?
9,371 €
Alisha Umrath
Alisha Umrath Projektberater "This was a remarkable round of crowd financing."
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 MALONDA: Mein Herz ist ein dunkler Kontinent - Das Album
 MALONDA: Mein Herz ist ein dunkler Kontinent - Das Album
 MALONDA: Mein Herz ist ein dunkler Kontinent - Das Album
 MALONDA: Mein Herz ist ein dunkler Kontinent - Das Album
 MALONDA: Mein Herz ist ein dunkler Kontinent - Das Album

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Funding period 12/22/21 12:33 AM - 2/14/22 11:59 PM
Realisation March–June 2022
Start level 8,000 €
Category Music
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

My style fluctuates between electronic chanson and German pop with a disco vibe and a lot of bass. My music should move others - metaphorically and literally.

I have already conquered the first concert halls and hearts. In doing so, I not only obtained white and male occupied spaces for myself but also created a space for others who were previously sitting in front of closed doors.

My art is a feast for everyone and especially for those who were not invited to the party before. My appearance is a provocation for the conservative dominant society. Because, let's be honest, how many Black queer femmes have been allowed to enter the German pop music stage? I'm here to stay - with more than one foot in the door, breaking white walls.

My songs are not just about me, they tell the story of Hedy Lamarr, invite you to the club, tackle German chauvinism, make you dream of your latest flings and empower those who are denied agency. All of this with eloquence and wit, in a poetic yet direct manner, sung with a warm voice - sometimes rough from pain and nonetheless strong.
In order for me to really share my world and be part of yours, it takes more than a fantastic album (and always the diva I can already say that it will be glamorous to say the least)!

I need music videos that help me tell the stories of my songs in your homes so you can continue to write them.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The specific goal is to finance the production of four music videos.
The ideal goal is to get bigger, to grow or even more: to finally be able to show my greatness, to let out the diva, to become who I've actually always been (but maybe couldn't afford...).

I want to prove to my teenage self that there are women like her who are proud and successful, who occupy spaces loudly and unapologetically and still don’t loose their charm and gentleness. I need to show that women exist who not only spread their wings but also help others to fly. Who appreciate their anger and learn to love their fear, who share their loneliness and do not shy away from pathos.

And to put it politically: My music is for anyone who is deliberately overlooked by the dominant society and everyone who does not see themselves represented in German pop. For everyone who misses real diversity in the music industry.

In a nutshell: For fans of good music. For everyone who finally wants to dance again, who likes to go too far, who knows deep pain and still chooses to celebrate in ecstasy.

Why would you support this project?

So that my mom can no longer say that music is just a hobby. So that you know the face to my voice. So that Black kids can see themselves in music television outside of hip-hop. So that Black women notice that there is room for them in German pop. So that I can open doors. So that you can see me dance and I can make you dance at home, too. So that you not only get to know my musical ideas, but also my aesthetic ones. So that an indie musician can lay the second milestone after the first album. So that even more cool people can help build that milestone - people from whom the world otherwise takes hammer and sickle away.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

In case of successful financing, I can produce four music videos according to my ideas - despite the low budget. I am an all-round talent with an eye for detail, a songwriter, singer, performer, director - also for (my own) music videos. And yet I need a great crew by my side and they deserve more than love.

So let's talk money: The money guarantees the salary of everyone involved on set (camera, sound, light, make-up, ... you name it), the rent for the locations, costumes, make-up and so on.
There are so many great ideas in my head that need to get out and want to be seen. Approach it like a challenge - how many amazing music videos can I make with 8,000€?

As a thank you you not only get to see my art, but also receive good karma and of course a selection of goodies in return- have a look! And maybe I'll be singing in your living room soon?

Who are the people behind the project?

Me: Malonda, singer, songwriter, host and activist, but first and foremost ELEKTRIK DIVA. At least that's the professional classification. Otherwise: Black, German, queer, political and always with my self-chosen family of QTI*BiPoC and allies behind me and by my side.

I was born in 1983 as the daughter of a Congolese woman and a Sudanese man in the Ruhr area. In addition to early musical education in children's and church choirs, I was introduced to the sound of my mom's “Kool and The Gang” records as well as the radio station WDR4, which was always playing at my foster mother’s.

When I was 18 it seemed only logical to become the front woman of a punk band. Since then I have starred in several musicals (The Lion King, Nina Simone: Four Women), was featured on house tracks and have been a member of the Hamburg artist collective Chixx Clique for over a decade.

In 2019, I finally released my first EP “Mondin”. To me, it’s always been important to be on the spectrum between Grace Jones and Hildegard Knef - that is exactly where the “Feuerfrau” catches fire.

Project updates

4/15/22 - Hallo Fam, bitte entschuldigt die lange...

Hallo Fam,

bitte entschuldigt die lange Stille. So ein Album rauszubringen ist gar nicht leicht, aber ich arbeite mit Hochdruck daran, dass alles klappt. Die Vocals Aufnahmen sind gemacht, das erste Musikvideo dank Euch bereits gedreht. Leider verzögert sich der Album-Release noch ein wenig, weil noch nicht alle Feature feststehen – ich bitte Euch also geduldig zu sein. Es wird auf jeden Fall richtig krachen!

Am 1. Mai werden die Fotos für’s Albumcover und Booklet gemacht, in sechs legendäre Moods und Outfits, von denen Ihr auch einige in den Videos zu sehen bekommen werdet.

Die graphischen Elemente werden nach dem Shooting sorgfältig ausgewählt und von meinem Visual Design Team verwertet und dann geht es Ruck Zuck an die Herstellung der T-Shirts, damit Ihr im Sommer auf Festivals auch was schickes zum Anziehen habt - bei einigen davon sehen wir uns ja womöglich sogar?

Lasst uns auf jeden Fall in Kontakt bleiben, gerne bei Insta: @frau_malonda, da zeige ich Euch immer, was gerade so passiert.

Danke, dass Ihr mir diese Reise ermöglicht habt!


Eure Malonda

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MALONDA: Mein Herz ist ein dunkler Kontinent - Das Album

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