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Creating form masks for content-elements and page-templates with dynamic form fields is a complex thing to do in TYPO3. The popular extension "TemplaVoila" made this a lot easier, but "TemplaVoila" became outdated over the years and has some major disadvantages. We'd like to develop a new extension, which replaces the old fashioned way of using TemplaVoila and uses state-of-the-art techniques. A prototype already exists.
Funding period
5/26/14 - 7/11/14
July to October 2014
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): €
5,000 €
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Neu: Handbuchnennung / New: Listing in Manual

Gernot Ploiner
Gernot Ploiner1 min Lesezeit

Wir haben ein weiteres Dankeschön eingefügt: Eine Nennung im Extension-Handbuch für EUR 20,00. Somit können sich auch Freelancer und kleine Supporter als Mask Sponsor bewerben. Weiters ist nun auch die Bezahlung per Kreditkarte möglich.

------------------ English Version ------------------

We have added a new Reward: Get listed in the Extension-Manual for only EUR 20,00. So it is possible for freelancers or small Supporters to get promoted as Mask-Sponsor. Furthermore it is now possible to pay with Creditcard.



Gernot Ploiner
Gernot Ploiner1 min Lesezeit
TYPO3 Page- and Contentelement Wizard

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