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Join MIRMIX ORKEZTAN on a musical journey around the world! For a long time, we have been composing, rehearsing and playing concerts all over Germany and all the way east and up to the Ural Mountains, before retreating to the studio to work on our first album. Curious about the result? Then join in and help us to publish our first album “Global Grooves”! The record is almost completed, lacking only the final mastering, the artwork and the manufacturing of CDs and tapes.
2,893 €
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 MirMix Orkeztan's first album:
 MirMix Orkeztan's first album:
 MirMix Orkeztan's first album:
 MirMix Orkeztan's first album:

About this project

Funding period 1/18/18 2:05 PM - 2/23/18 11:59 PM
Realisation End of february 2018
Start level 2,500 €

This would be enough to pay all bills for the album production...

Category Music
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

It's about creating a vibrant mix of sounds from different parts of the world. On our album, you will find energetic ska and funk, spicy latin jazz and afro rhythms as well as Caucasian and Central Asian folk songs, reinterpreted in a fresh and exciting manner!
We don’t want to stick to a certain style of music. We think and feel global, always striving to discover and experience new things and to share them with you. On our concerts, we celebrate the mixed diversity of cultures. The Russian word “mir” in the band name stands for “world” as well as for “peace”.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

With our long-awaited album, we want to publish our music so that our fans can enjoy it besides going to our concerts.
Our artistic goal is to blend music from different cultures creating a new mix of sounds and styles stemming from different cultures.
Our album is dedicated to all music lovers who like to go beyond the commercial mainstream and discover new and unexpected music rather than to stick to certain styles.

Our social motivation is to create a sense of togetherness between different people, regardless of thier cultural background, to make them dance and enjoy each other, respecting each other’s differences and getting inspired by them.
Our music is directed to open-minded people who embrace the foreign as an enrichment, who prefer living together rather than parallel lives.

Why would you support this project?

Because by doing so you soon can listen to our music in your car, in your bath-tub or on the moon!

Because besides of our music we will reward you with further beautiful things and impressions!

Because we’ll use the album to apply for clubs and festivals all over Germany and beyond, which means that soon we could come and play in your town or city, too!

Because, just like us, you are open-mindedly looking for new sounds, sharing our belief in peaceful and tolerant coexistence of cultures!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

With your donations, we will finance the entire album production: recording, editing, mixing, mastering, graphic design, manufacturing of CDs and tapes. By doing so, we also will honour the hard work and dedication of all the people involved in the project.

Who are the people behind the project?

MirMix's musicians from all over the world:
Paul "Interpaul" Linke (vocals, guitar)
Andrej Steinke (bass)
Eugen Hoffmann (electric guitar, baritone saxophone)
Gal Liraz (tenor saxophone)
Andrej Lakisov (soprano saxophone)
Yannick Mäntele (trumpet)
Moritz Weber (drums)
Sabina Celeste (percussion, vocals)

Guest musicians:
Mark Gotye (percussion)
Zurab Gagnidze (vocals)
Mamuka Ghaghanidze (vocals, percussion)

And, last but not least, our great recording engineer at WolvesInSound / Berlin:
Antonio Passacantilli

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MirMix Orkeztan's first album: "Global Grooves"

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