Puberty can be a testing time for children as they encounter new physical, emotional, and social challenges. Through the ‘Moving Kids’ Project we aim to give the kids a new means to express themselves and battle their fears. Our aim is to make a student driven dance choreography that nurtures creativity, confidence, and interaction skills. These workshops will work towards a final performance where the children will show what they have worked and created and the abilities they have acquired.
2,223 €
2,200 € Funding goal
 MOVING KIDS, choreography workshop for kids
 MOVING KIDS, choreography workshop for kids
 MOVING KIDS, choreography workshop for kids

About this project

Funding period 3/16/17 6:51 PM - 4/16/17 11:59 PM
Realisation April - June
Funding goal 2,200 €
Category Art
City Ulm
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Moving Rhizomes e.V.
Cecilia Espejo
Insel, 5
89231 Neu Ulm Deutschland

Moving Rhizomes is a non-profit e.V. collective made up of professional artists. Together we have a diverse range of skills and our aim is to create projects that lead to improvements in our ecosystem through cultural and artistic expression, initiating s



Our society needs young people who have learned to make the most out of their potential. The Freie Waldorfschule Ulm supports young people in a holistic way - from the natural sciences to the humanities and the arts and crafts.

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