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Puberty can be a testing time for children as they encounter new physical, emotional, and social challenges. Through the ‘Moving Kids’ Project we aim to give the kids a new means to express themselves and battle their fears. Our aim is to make a student driven dance choreography that nurtures creativity, confidence, and interaction skills. These workshops will work towards a final performance where the children will show what they have worked and created and the abilities they have acquired.
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 MOVING KIDS, choreography workshop for kids
 MOVING KIDS, choreography workshop for kids
 MOVING KIDS, choreography workshop for kids

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Funding period 3/16/17 6:51 PM - 4/16/17 11:59 PM
Realisation April - June
Start level 2,200 €
Category Art
City Ulm

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What is this project all about?

Our workshop will consist of:
Warming up: 15 mins exercises that train co-ordination, strength, flexibility and concentration
Brainstorm session: students take an active part in generating ideas, different methodologies will be used to base the piece on what is important to them, ie the children’s interests.
Movement/Choreography: different movement based tasks are given to the students where they learn to challenge their bodies, concentration and coordination with their peers.

These workshops will work towards a final performance where the children will show what they have worked and created and the abilities they have acquired during the 12 sessions.
We also want to empower the students by giving them the responsibility of driving their own workshop with other children. They will share with these children different techniques that they earned during the previous workshops.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our aim is to show the students how to use their body and movement as tools of expression. By empowering them in the creation of the choreography, we intend to show them different methodologies of creation and memory that they may also apply in other subjects. We will also give the workshop in english, so it is also a chance to improve the language skills.

The kids will make a final performance. Students will learn how to put together and prepare for a performance, essential demonstrating the skill they learned from the workshops.

Why would you support this project?

We have established an online crowdfunding campaign because we want to ensure every child from the class participates in the project, not only who's parents can. This will bring the sense of community we want to promote. We have also involved the children in creating the crowdfunding video, earning new skills in project making.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Our aim within this campaign is to raise the basic funding needed for the choreography facilitator, assistant and coordinator. We also intend to raise awareness of the importance of teaching children how to move, express and make their own choreography. These funds are used to make the 12 workshop sessions with 3 professionals from the Theater Ulm and Ulmer Art Scene. A final performance will show the expertises earned during these sessions. It is less than 5 Euro per 90 minutes class/each student, but we want to democratise the offer by making a crowdfunding campaign where everyone will help each other to join the experience. If required Moving Rhizomes e.V. can give you a receipt should you want to claim your donation for tax reason.

Who are the people behind the project?

The Moving Kids Workshop we offer to Waldorf Schule is driven by two choreographers (Pablo Sansalvador and Bogdan Muresan) and a designer and production manager (Cecilia Espejo).

We are all members from Moving Rhizomes eV

Moving Rhizomes is a non-profit association made up of professional artists. Together we have a diverse range of skills and our aim is to create projects that lead to improvements in our ecosystem through cultural and artistic expression, initiating social change making. The starting point for our projects comes from a need to share and collaborate with others. After several try out workshops, we got inspired by the vibrancy and eagerness of the students in Ursula's class and have decided to move forward towards a bigger project with a clear objective and final performance.

Here you have the professionals that will take place in the MOVING KIDS workshop:

Pablo Sansalvador

I am a professional dancer working currently in Theater Ulm. During all my career I have had the opportunity to perform in projects and work with companies in the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and South Africa.
In 2013 I founded Moving Rhizomes collective project with Cecilia Espejo. Since then we have created a range of dance projects. Within this collective I danced and choreographed The Office, Crossing Paths and Tendenz. Our last project Before I die… , consisting of of a two hours of promenade through the Stadthaus in Ulm, received high acclaim from viewers and press.
I am now excited with this new challenge of giving a workshop to the Waldorfschule talented students. You can find more info about me in:

Cecilia Espejo

Cecilia Espejo was born in Madrid, Spain in 1975. She studied arts and design in the Arts University in Madrid, Spain. Her working experience is multidisciplinary and multifaceted. In Madrid she was an active entrepreneur who made all sorts of projects, design festivals and workshops.
Since she arrived to Ulm, Germany (2013), she participated in some projects and exhibitions: Kulturfahrschule, Kunst Werk, … Her first challenging production in Germany was Kunst Schimmer, art festival, where she coordinated the whole event and programed the 9 days workshops (dance, photography, silk print, …).
In 2014, she founded, with Pablo Sansalvador, the organization Moving Rhizomes. In Moving Rhizomes she participated as a dancer and co-choreographer in Tendenz, and as a producer, dramaturg and stage design in The Office , Crossing Paths and Before I die.
You can find more info about Cecilia Espejo in: and

Bogdan Muresan

My name is Bogdan Muresan , nationality Rumanian and as well German, which i got after 8 years in Germany. I am 30 years of age and professionally I am a Ballett dancer.

In the time of nine years in the “Octavian Stroia” Ballet school from Cluj-Napoca , Romania, I have experienced the feeling of being on stage and hearing the applause and appreciation of the public for my performance. In that moment I knew that big things are waiting for me to discover and explore. In this time i had the privilege to be part of different National Competitions and Galas, where I got First Price in Classical Dance and Third Price in Modern Dance.
In 2005 I had the privilege to be offered a contract, right after I finished my Gymnasium studies, by Landestheater Flensburg. The year I was there I had the opportunity of gathering information about the dance world in Germany. I got the opportunity to sign a contract with Theater Kiel, under the direction of Chef Choreographer Mario Scroeder. After four years dancing there, our director got offered the position as a Ballet Director and Choreograph at Leipzig Opera where I had the honour to be taken by him. There I worked with amazing choreographers like , Itzik Gallili , Ohad Naharin and many others, and as well as amazing dancers. After five years at Leipzig Opera and nine years being part of Mario Schroeder’s dance company, I decided to leave and try something new. So now since September 2015 I am part of the Theater Ulm Ballet Company under the direction of Choreographer Roberto Scafati while studying the technnik of Gyrokinessis.

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MOVING KIDS, choreography workshop for kids

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