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NODE15 Forum for Digital Arts, Frankfurt - Exhibition & Talks
NODE15 Forum for Digital Arts with its leitmotif "Wrapped in Code – The Future of the Informed Body" will open its doors for a week-long discussion on the changing relationship between the human body and technology. With an exhibition and talks we want to reflect on how technology is entering, changing and enhancing the body. NODE15 will initiate a dialog among technological enthusiasts, thinkers, artists and the public.
20,131 €
Sponsored by kulturMut 2014
Cofunding 11,400 €

thank you so so so so much!!!

Jeanne Charlotte Vogt
Jeanne Charlotte Vogt1 min Lesezeit

Liebe Supporter, Fans, Freundinnen und Freunde,

wir danken Euch vielmals für diese wahnsinnige Unterstützung. Eure Euros, euer Verteilen und Weitererzählen, Eure Tipps und Euer Feedback haben uns schon jetzt, in diesem frühen Planungszeitpunkt, unglaublich geholfen.

Wir haben über 20.000 € zusammenbekommen. Der Wahnsinn!

Alle weiteren Infos folgen bald,

bis dahin,
eine virtuelle Umarmung an alle von Euch (wer zum Festival geht, kann sich auch eine reale abholen!!),

Dear Supporters, Fans and Friends,

thank you already so so much for your support. Your Euros, sharing, tipps and feedback already helped so much in this very early state of planning. Thanks to you we have a proper basis to rely all next steps on.

We achieved a funding target of more than 20.000 €! Amazing!

Soon, you will receive all further infos - from the startnext official side and from our side.

Sending a virtual hug to all of you (and those of you who come to the festival will also receive a personal one),


Next Steps

Jeanne Charlotte Vogt
Jeanne Charlotte Vogt1 min Lesezeit
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Alexandra Waligorski
Alexandra Waligorski1 min Lesezeit
NODE15 Forum for Digital Arts, Frankfurt - Exhibition & Talks