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The 7th NOW! Festival, 5 full days of improvisation, 1-5 May 2019, is the only improvisation festival based in Action Theater™, and has performances and workshops in voice, movement and language. --- Website:
2,985 €
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 NOW! Festival of Improvisation 2019
 NOW! Festival of Improvisation 2019
 NOW! Festival of Improvisation 2019
 NOW! Festival of Improvisation 2019
 NOW! Festival of Improvisation 2019

About this project

Funding period 4/5/19 3:45 PM - 5/5/19 11:59 PM
Realisation 1-5 May 2019
Start level 12,000 €

12000€ will allow us to pay the artists a small thank you and cover the production, administrative costs, Startnext and bank fees.

Category Event
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

This festival celebrates and supports the improvisation practice as an artistic discipline. Action Theater™, created and developed by Ruth Zaporah, is one of the few improvisations methods that treats the whole body -- voice, movement & language -- as an instrument of expression.
Improvisation is an artistic discipline that often gets too little credit. The art form is often belittled by a world that looks mostly to the manufacture of products, and denies the validity of process.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

NOW! Festival goals :

  • promote improvisation, and , more specifically, Action Theater™, as an artistic discipline.
  • demonstrate that instantly composed performances have relevance and importance.
  • support the community of international improvisation artists
  • promote a free exchange of ideas and techniques in physically-based improvisation forms
  • increase the audience awareness of improvisation as a dynamic and vital form of the arts

All workshops and performances are open to all people from all backgrounds. Uferstudios has barrier-free entrances to allow for visitors of all abilities.

Why would you support this project?

If you believe in improvisation, if you have yourself experienced benefit, artistic and/or personal growth from an improvisation class, workshop or practice, if you value the performing arts, if you want to support independent performing artists, then you want to donate to this project.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

This year we want to use a new venue in order to bring the festival to a much wider audience. We would like to support performers and teachers in the development of their skills and art and also give some contribution to their generous support of the festival, sharing their skills and knowledge.

All the money will go to pay the festival production costs and artists' fees. Some cost breakdown is listed below (not a complete list):

100€ pays one performer (we need 25 of these)
250€ pays one workshop teacher (we need 15 of these)
350€ pays for postage and office costs
450€ pays the graphic designer
750€ pays for the flyer, printing and distribution
850€ pays the light technician
1000€ pays the photographer
1000€ pays the videographer
1500€ pays the administrative assistant
1750€ pays the studio rental
2000€ pays the artistic director
3000€ pays the publicist

Who are the people behind the project?

Sten Rudstrøm, Artistic Director, Certified Teacher of Action Theater™, Founder of Action Theater™ Berlin
Jaya Härtlein, Administrative Assistant

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NOW! Festival of Improvisation 2019

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