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OEL sees itself as a direct bridge between supply and demand, between producer and consumer and between Andania and Berlin. The brand stands for one hundred percent pure and self-produced native organic Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil. Of course, self-generated means that we operate our own oil mill. And this is just what needs to be renewed - a structural necessity for a whole community!
10,367 €
25,000 € Funding goal
Project finished
 Upgrading our OEL mill
 Upgrading our OEL mill
 Upgrading our OEL mill
 Upgrading our OEL mill
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Funding period 11/5/19 11:48 AM o'clock - 12/12/19 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period 40 Tage
Funding goal 25,000 €

Our funding goal of €25,000 would firstly and most importantly cover wages, materials, and the basic structure.

2nd Funding goal 50,000 €

Our funding goal of €50,000 would allow us to also address the technical aspects. Namely, renewable energy

Category Food
City Berlin
What is this project all about?

We from OEL are two Women and 4 Man committed to extra virgin olive oil and its marketing.

And when we commit to something, we do it right. That’s why our organic OEL is produced entirely on our own land, under our own management. That means our olives are processed to OEL in an oil mill that is contracted to and supervised by us. And now we want to upgrade and modernize our oil mill to achieve a completely self-sufficient production!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is to completely renovate our oil mill. This will protect us, our product, and our customer network from fluctuations in nature and the market, virtually guaranteeing the flow of high-quality OEL.

Modernizing the oil mill means installing bottling equipment, a new centrifuge, and a water filter, upgrading the solar panels, and expanding the local personnel structure. We want an oil mill that runs on renewable energy, uses carefully filtered rainwater, and can produce our 100% ready-to-export product thanks to well-paid workers and the right equipment. This would allow us to sustainably conserve resources and the environment, and to build a foundation for social sustainability.

Why would you support this project?

In the unfortunately dominant game played by the giants of politics and the food industry, the imbalance of supply and demand means that growing demand causes the supply to grow until trends, forecasts, and extrapolations take over. This creates risks for everyone, with some of the sunnier prospects being overproduction, genetic engineering, and the destruction of food in the name of price stability.

We make it differently. The offer specifies the limit of demand. Furthermore, due to our own capacities, we want to be able to always guarantee the quality and meet the created demands. And the self-sufficient and with enough resources to be able to defy both the detailed practices described and the causers!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

We are transforming the oil mill into the most modern and most efficient oil mill in the Messenia region. Funding would cover one part of the immense costs. The modernization will include:
- Expansion of the solar panels
- Installation of a water filter
- Installation of a new centrifuge
- Expansion of the existing structures
- Increasing the wages of the oil mill workers
- Repainting the oil mill in black (to fit the look of the "OEL" brand)

Who are the people behind the project?

The people behind the project include the six-member team at Tzamouranis & Schmidt Internationale Handels GmbH with their "OEL" brand, the two-member team at Schmidt & Schott Spirituosen GmbH with their "OEL's 3 Gin" and, of course, the oil mill manager Ilias Stavropoulos and his employees. Together we are OEL!

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Tzamouranis & Schmidt Internationale Handels Gesellschaft mbH
OEL Berlin
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Tzamouranis & Schmidt Internationale Handelsgesellschaft mbH
Weinbergsweg 20
10119 Berlin

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