Crowdfunding finished
„Holy s##t!“ was my very first reaction when I saw Ioana’s grandparents BARN. Nothing from what I saw in one old black-and-white photograph could describe the actual state this BARN is nowadays. Once an architectural little piece of jewelry, this thatched-roof BARN that defines the culture and history of the region has become a pitiful ruin. Together with your graceful support, we will try to transform this relic into a vivid monument ready for future generations: a real Transylvanian landmark
1,295 €

Call of Duty

Andreas Pohl
Andreas Pohl1 min Lesezeit

We are proud to announce the succes of our campaign for saving the thatched barn in the romanian Carpathian Mountains! We managed to reach the minimum goal, which fills our hearts with joy - this beautiful piece of history will not go to dust. Now its on us to get the work done, which is only possible thanks to YOUR support. ++NAMSTE++
All supporters will recieve their individual thank-you pack according to the timeframe given.

PS: to stay posted on the status of the restoration of the barn, visit our main project-website (GER language, but follow the buttons to our Social Media for ENG info): Dupa Gard

Oh, you beautiful barn!