Crowdfunding finished
Everything was so wonderful just so recently, we never thought it would happen. But the most beautiful, rare and precious member of the dove family, Paloma ( Columba Berolinum Salticus), is in severe danger to go extinct very soon. We are very determined to prevent that from happening, but we ask for your kind help, as we just cannot do it on our own.
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Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt Projektberater "This was a fantastic round of crowd financing."

Shipping Update

Tom Haefele
Tom Haefele1 min Lesezeit

Hello friends of Paloma,

sadly there are delays in the production for a few items. That's why some orders have not yet been shipped, but we hope to have everything by latest 17th of July. So everyone who ordered one of the products below will unfortunately have to wait a few more weeks to receive them. Sorry for the delay and all the best!

-Tennis socks
-Paloma Shirt 2019.04
-Paloma Shirt 2018.06

Greetings from Paloma :)