With your support, the Parkour Calendar 2021 will be printed with 13 inspiring photos by some of the most famous Parkour photographers from our community. True passion! The calendar measures 40x60cm (15,75in*23,6in) and will be printed with the highest quality offet printing in Germany. If the 2nd funding goal is reached, the photographers will be paid appropriately and there will be a 13th page with detailed information about each photo and its history. Pure passion!
7,286 €
Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt Projektberater Congratulations! I'm excited that this project is going to be realized!

13th calendar page will be coming

Philipp Raasch
Philipp Raasch1 min Lesezeit

I am so happy to announce that the 13th calendarpage will be printed. Background story’s to every photographer and every photo of the calendar. Thank you so much. Now let’s get the 2nd funding goal until Friday when the crowdfunding ends :)))



Philipp Raasch
Philipp Raasch1 min Lesezeit


Philipp Raasch
Philipp Raasch1 min Lesezeit
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