This pilot project supports LGBTQIA+ refugees with Systemic Coaching and the TaKeTiNa®-rhyhtms method to activate their resources to cope with traumatic experiences and the day-to-day challenges of arriving in a new country in times of the Covid-19 pandemic.
13,118 €
Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt / Projektberater
Yeah, you made it. The project is successful. I'm glad that the project can be realized now. Well done ;)

Let´s celebrate: 9.205€

Ali Schwartz
Ali Schwartz1 min Lesezeit

Wir sind total überwältigt! Was für eine krasser Start. Vielen lieben Dank für euer Vertrauen in das Pilotprojekt. Gemeinsam kommen wir immer näher an unser 1. Fundingziel dran. Jetzt brauchen wir dich, damit wir viele werden, damit wir Momentum gewinnen. Danke fürs Teilen, das hilft enorm.
We are overwhelmed. Thank you so much for your trust in the pilot project. After one we week we are pretty close to our first funding goal. Now we need you to gain momentum and become many. So pls share. It makes all the difference.

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