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Alex Boldin

Deutschland / Erlangen

When Alex Boldin picks up the guitar, he invites his listeners on a musical journey through the tonal worlds of the acoustic guitar.
The winner of the Fingerstyle Collective Guitar Festival 2022 skillfully combines the virtuoso skills and complex techniques of fingerstyle with his intuitive feeling for melodies. This sometimes creates interesting, rhythmic structures, other times playful, harmonious tone sequences and often times tasteful motifs, which interweave both elements cleverly and invite you to dream.

After more than 100 live performances on four different continents and in over 15 countries, Alex is now ready to release his first solo guitar album "TIMEout". In collaboration with the renowned Canadian guitarist and producer Antoine Dufour and in cooperation with Candyrat Records and Fretmonkey Records, 13 selected original compositions will be released at the end of 2022.

In the acoustic guitar scene, as well, Alex is no longer a stranger - numerous big fingerstyle players such as Andy McKee, Thomas Leeb, Mike Dawes, Calum Graham, Jon Gomm, Alexandr Misko, Trevor Gordon Hall and Maneli Jamal are no longer just among them most formative influences, but also part of his circle of acquaintances.

Every single performance and every concert is a true spectacle for eyes and ears and is rounded off not at least by Alex's recognizable dedication and passion for music. This result is a unique experience full of special moments which are capable to touch mind and soul.

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Alex Boldin: TIMEout (Album-Release)

Alex Boldin: TIMEout (Album-Release)

A crowdfunding campaign for the production and release of my first full solo-album for modern acoustic fingerstyle guitar.