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Giancarlo Russo

Germany / München

My name is Giancarlo Russo: born in Italy, I have been living in Germany for 20 years and feel as much German as Italian - but see myself first and foremost as a European. For 15 years I have sold wonderful children's books all over the world for various German publishing houses.

In that time, I have understood one thing: Books are and will remain the most popular medium for showing children the world.

This topic took on a very personal relevance when my daughter was born. She is the reason why I now make books that appeal to both the senses and the minds of growing children, so that they can take responsibility for our world and do things better than we could.

I have been fortunate enough to receive financial support from dedicated experts in the industry and to attract enthusiastic illustrators and authors to our publishing house. Their competence and experience are behind Sophie-Verlag and this campaign.

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Sophie Verlag: An interactive community for children\'s books

Sophie Verlag: An interactive community for children's books

Knowledge & Entertainment: By no means a contradiction, it can be child's play.